The Outlet

The Outlet was our 2017 Festival’s dramaturgical space that played two roles. It housed displays that brought to life the planning, conversations, argument, history, context and development that went into all of the exciting new work! The Outlet was also the place to be curious, ask questions, and engage during feedback sessions and scheduled panels with visiting guests artists.

These events were free and open to the general public and located in WIN 1.148.

Panels and Discussions

Inside the Puppet’s Studio – Monday 

Join us in The Outlet for 90 minutes of demonstrations and discussion about this ancient and ever-evolving artform. Featuring presentations by New Works artists Alison Reid (Bloodthirsty Fiends) and Jacqueline Heimel (The Festival is Cock-a-doodle-Now!) as well as Austin area puppeteers, and displays from UT Theatre and Dance Professor Jim Glavan’s fall puppetry class.

Apocalypse and Sci-Fi Theatre –  Tuesday 

The Apocalypse is Now! This discussion with the Cohen New Works Festival and Austin area theatre artists will explore the popularity and impact of apocalyptic and science fiction stories in the present moment. What makes these narratives so powerful and compelling to artists and audiences alike? Join us in The Outlet to find out.

Dance in the Present – Wednesday 

What work can dance do in the world? How do we develop physical vocabularies for making new work in collaborative spaces? What is it about movement that moves us? This year’s festival lineup houses an exciting array dance, movement, and physical theatre that blurs boundaries and invites audiences into brand new genres of performance and inquiry.

Join UT Theatre and Dance professor, Dr. Rebecca Rossen and a panel of festival guests in The Outlet as they discuss new strategies for making and engaging with movement based work.

Identity, Art, and Community – Thursday 

Several of 2017’s projects deeply investigate identity and society, engaging in complex, joyful, violent, and curious questions about what it is to be black in America? What does it mean to be a global citizen versus a local one? How does the story of my immigrant grandparents become my own? What boundaries, physical and figurative, exist around my queer identity? How does class influence our ability to connect to one another? And how does the asking of these questions help us envision a future that is equitable?

The new work coming from UT is a reflection of our socio-political moment, as artists respond, critique, revise, and support the world around them. Join us for a discussion led by UT Theatre and Dance graduate student, E.L. Hohn, about how creative professionals work around art, identity, and what it means to be socially engaged makers in a political world.

Talkback Sessions

Feedback is an important part of the creative process and an essential skill that all artists must develop in order to grow. Join select creative teams in The Outlet space after their performances to participate in an exchange about their work. The talkback session schedule will be posted on the door of WIN 1.148 or announced after performances.