Engaging Emergency Departments

NPRQI provides a free, secured, web-based platform that allows EDs to track quality metrics and performance. The platform supports local quality improvement and standardization of care. Nationally, it will support gaps or inequities of care by creating a national repository of pediatric emergency care data.

Web-based Platform (free secured access)

Data questions are straight forward, easy to find in the chart and can be entered by a team member with any level of training. Manual entry allows any ED to easily participate. We focused only on critical elements of the patient care experience to limit data entry burden. Other pediatric ready related efforts found the time commitment of manual data entry to be minimal.

Simple Manual Data Entry (no IT requirements)

No specialized training is needed to participate in the initiative. Any team member at any site will have access to online video training modules. Team members will learn about patient privacy, data entry, how to interpret their site’s quality metrics, and steps to improve care.

Easy On-Line Training Provided (no research or QI background needed)

Your site can display patient safety and clinical metrics for your patients for any time interval and for NPRQI selected clinical conditions. You can compare your data to similar volume EDs. Only you can see your data to ensure confidentiality and focus on quality improvement, and not market competition.

Immediate Access to Site Performance (quality metric dashboards)

NPRQI developed quality metrics that have been shown to improve the health care outcomes of children. NPRQI provides best-practice strategies to make changes with the resources readily available at your ED.

Tools to Support Actionable Improvements

You may select to focus on a few or several quality metrics ranging from assessment of a pediatric patient to management of specific clinical conditions.

Site Flexibility in Implementation (You choose the focus)

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