CareerSmart offers no or low cost training and certificate programs for UT staff.  UT employees are integral contributors to the success of the organization. CareerSmart training helps to ensure we have a competitive workforce that operates at a high level of performance and innovation.  By taking advantage of the training offered through CareerSmart, employees can grow their knowledge and skills.

Certificate programs

Management Essentials

This program provides an in-depth look at the policies, practices, and procedures needed to be a successful manager at UT Austin. This program is ideal if you are new to management, have experience but want to learn the UT way, would like to prepare for a future role in management, or want to strengthen your management skills.


  • Conflict Management Foundations (formerly Conflict 101: Understanding Conflict Dynamics)
  • Manager Tools for Responding to Distress and Disruption in the Workplace
  • Managing People and Performance
  • The Inclusive Workplace
  • Supervisory Leave Policy Overview
  • Managing Compensation and Classification
  • Introduction to Workers’ Compensation
  • Hiring Talent for a Diverse Work Environment
  • Compliance and Ethics for Supervisors


Managerial Best Practices (more information coming soon)

HR Essentials (more information in Spring 2018)


Additional Learning Programs

UT Career Essentials:  UT Career Essentials Playlist

360˚ Leadership Feedback and Coaching

The 360 process provides an opportunity for you to assess your management and leadership strengths and challenges through 360˚ feedback facilitated by a certified coach.  You will then have an opportunity to work with a coach to design your own customized development plan.  The cost for this process is $165.  If you wish to do a 360, please email