PACC Committees/Working Groups

PACC is constantly working hard to improve the culture at LBJ. We have our hands and would love to have as much help as possible!

Step 1) Email us @ to get on the PACC Slack

Step 2) Join a working group

We created this living document of committees that are working on specific issues:

  1. Funding: Trying to increase funding opportunities for PACC members and students of color at LBJ.
  2. Curriculum: Working on trying to increase the DEI in LBJ’s curriculum on a systematic level.
  3. By-Laws: Working on updating the by laws.
  4. Orientation: Working on improving DEI in orientation.
  5. Admissions: Working on improving building a more representative body at LBJ.
  6. Mentorship Group: Working on building a mentorship program throughout LBJ.

Each group has a corresponding group on the PACC Slack where you can communicate with other members about whats happening in each working group.

Please do your part and sign up to be a point person or a member of each committee, if we work hard enough we can make LBJ a better place for all.


Step 3) Join the PACC subgroup on HookedIn, UT’s Official Alumni Networking tool.

HookedIn is UT’s Alumni networking tool created by LinkedIn. It connects UT students and Alumni with each other in the hopes of bolstering the Longhorn Community.  (Click Image above)

Here is how to join:

  • Click the image about or go to
  • Create your profile or Join using your LinkedIn
  • Once you have everything set join the LBJ School of Public Affairs Group, an administrator will have to approve you.
  • Finally, join the PACC subgroup within the LBJ group.




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