Welcome to PALS!

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Who We Are

PALS is a campus organization that emphasizes one-to-one interactions between international and American students by matching up applicants interested in teaching or learning another language. PALS also organizes several larger group activities for all participants to attend. These activities provide a good opportunity for current PALS to interact with other PALS and nonmembers.

Our History

The Partnerships to Advance Language Study and Cultural Exchange (PALS) Program was created in 1993 by the International Office at The University of Texas at Austin to introduce international students to American students for the purposes of practicing languages. No program designed to pair newly arrived international students with American students existed at the University at that time.

As the PALS Program grew, American students also contacted the International Office asking for a way to interact with international students. The program has since begun to focus on matching students for the purpose of cultural exchange in addition to language study.

A Glance at PALS