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This list of courses represents the courses that we recommend from your institution that will satisfy our pre-pharmacy course admissions requirements; however, this is not an exhaustive list.” For example, there are likely other literature and statistics courses that will satisfy the sophomore literature and statistics requirements, respectively.

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Pre-Pharmacy Requirements

6 hours of General Biology: BIO 1404 & 1414

4 hours of Microbiology: BIO 3713 + 3722

3 hours of Genetics: BIO 2313

8 hrs of General Chemistry: [CHE 1103 + 1121] & [CHE 1113 + 1131]

8 hours of Organic Chemistry: [CHE 2603 + 2612] & [CHE 3643 + 3652]

3 hours of Calculus: MAT 1193 or 1214

3 hours of Statistics: STA 1053

3 hours of Freshman Rhetoric and Composition: WRC 1013

3 hours of Sophomore Literature: ENG 2013, 2223, 2263, or 3033

4 hours of Physics: PHY 1603 + 1611

Microbiology (including laboratory) must have one year of general biology and at least one semester of general chemistry as its prerequisite in order to satisfy our four credit hour microbiology requirement.


CORE & FLAG Course Requirements:
(Please make sure you read this information thoroughly)

Please reference the links below that provide explanation and direction regarding the core and flag course requirements you must fulfill in order to receive your degree from The University of Texas at Austin. These requirements are mandated by the Texas Higher Coordinating Board and UT Austin. The School of Undergraduate Studies at UT Austin oversees the fulfillment of these courses.

NOTE: Due to the demands and number of hours per semester of the Pharm.D. Curriculum, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND and advise that you complete these requirements prior to matriculation into the PharmD program, if accepted.

*Core & Flag Course Requirements (College of Pharmacy Advising)

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