Pass/Fail Grading Basis

We will be accepting pass/fail, satisfactory/unsatisfactory, and credit/no credit (P/F, S/U, and CR/NC) grading basis effective for spring 2020 only.  Students must earn a “pass/satisfactory/credit” as a final grade in order for a pre-pharmacy prerequisite to be successfully completed.

While we would recommend completing your course(s) on the letter-grade basis, we understand there will be situations during this unprecedented period that pursuing a “pass/fail” grading basis will be in the best interest of the student.  We will conduct a holistic review of the student’s application to give us information of the student’s academic preparedness.

Please make sure to visit with your academic advisor and a health professions advisor at your undergraduate institution to make certain converting the grade basis to “pass/fail” doesn’t have an adverse effect on graduation, major requirements, scholarships, financial aid, etc..