Prerequisite Course Requirements FAQs

  • Is there a minimum GPA requirement?
    No. A GPA of greater than or equal to 2.8 is preferred.

  • Can I apply before I finish my prerequisite coursework?
    Yes. You should apply when you have two long semesters of prerequisite coursework left. ALL prerequisite coursework MUST be completed prior to matriculation.

  • Can I use AP credits to fulfill prerequisite coursework?
    Yes. However, we strongly encourage that ALL math and science prerequisites be completed at the college level.

  • Do I have to complete all core and flag requirements prior to matriculation?
    No. However, we strongly encourage that ALL be completed prior to matriculation.

  • I’ve taken or plan to take courses at a Texas university/community college. How do I determine if these courses will transfer to UT Austin and fulfill the pre-pharmacy prerequisites?
    Visit our College of Pharmacy transfer course equivalency directory.  You will find a listing of Texas institutions and the exact courses that will fulfill our pre-pharmacy prerequisites.   Make sure you read the entire page of the school you are referencing.

  • Do you provide transcript evaluations prior to the application submission process?
    No.  We recommend that you utilize the resources on our site and compare your transcript to our prerequisite requirements to see what requirements are still lacking.  Students attending a Texas institution can also utilize the ATE (Automated Transfer Equivalency) System. If you have specific questions about a particular requirement, you can send an email to Pharm.D. Admissions.Generally, all science/math prerequisite courses should be for science or engineering majors. Business calculus will not fulfill our calculus requirement.  Nor will courses following allied health degree plans count for our biology, microbiology, and chemistry requirements.

  • If I have a prior baccalaureate degree or higher, will any of the prerequisite requirements not yet fulfilled be waived?
    No.  All Pharm.D. applicants must complete all the pre-pharmacy prerequisite requirements regardless of having a prior baccalaureate degree or higher. However, core, flag and the foreign language requirement deficiencies will be waived.

  • I hold a prior baccalaureate degree or higher in a field other than pharmacy, and I’m interested in the Pharm.D. program. Am I still able to apply for admissions?
    Yes.  Regardless of what prior degree you hold, you are more than welcome to apply to UT Austin College of Pharmacy.  You must make sure you meet our admissions requirements to be considered for acceptance. These requirements include prerequisite courses that must be completed for all applicants.

  • I have a foreign undergraduate transcript that may have credit for completed prerequisite coursework. How can I get a preliminary evaluation to see what remaining prerequisite courses are still lacking?
    Foreign transcripts should be evaluated by a third-party transcript evaluation company. If you plan to apply to any colleges of pharmacy participating with PharmCAS, please use one of the third party evaluators provided in the PharmCAS Application Instructions. Once you receive your results from the third-party evaluators, compare your evaluated results with our pre-pharmacy prerequisite course list.

  • What is the equivalent to UT Austin’s CH 204 Introduction to Chemical Practice?
    If you have taken two 1-hr labs in both your Chemistry I and II lecture courses, then the total of your two labs is equivalent to UT Austin’s CH 204 Introduction to Chemical Practice course.

  • Do I need to take calculus I and II?
    •  Calculus I is sufficient to meet the calculus prerequisite admission requirements.

  • Will composition II or technical writing fulfill the literature prerequisite requirement?
    No.  You must complete a 3-hour literature course that contains a significant a number of readings from literary works.  British, American, and World literature courses will fulfill this requirement.