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Pharm. D. StudentsBest Candidates for Admission to our Program

The admissions committee looks for students who are passionate about pharmacy, who have a true desire to serve, who think critically, and who work well with others. Application materials include:
• GPA (especially in pre-requisite courses with focus on math and science) and PCAT scores
• Letters of recommendation, ideally from a pharmacist or supervisor (including work or academic)
• Written and oral communication skills (essay and interview)
• Work experience in pharmacy, health care, or customer service
• Extracurricular involvement and leadership in organizations
• Knowledge of the pharmacy profession
• Experience in service, volunteerism, research, teaching, tutoring, and mentoring

Class of 2023 Admissions Data

Applications: 350 Received (Early Decision: 86 Received)
Enrolled: 125 (Early Decision: 62 Enrolled)
Average GPA: 3.4
Average PCAT Composite: 82
High Degree: No Bachelor’s Degree- 19%; Bachelor’s or higher- 81%
Gender: Men- 37%; Women- 63%
Ethnicity: Asian- 35%; Black- 8%; Hispanic- 20%; White- 33%; Multiracial- 1%; Unreported- 3%

Pharm.D. Student ServicePharm.D. Curriculum

The Pharm.D. program emphasizes an integrated and problem-based approach to disease management as the core of the didactic and laboratory program of study. The capstone of the Pharm.D. program is a series of seven, six-week rotations known as Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs). Each APPE course includes 40 to 50 hours per week of on-site experience (Experiential Programs).

Learn more about the Pharm.D. Program and the Pharm.D. Curriculum.


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