Prerequisite Curriculum (Suggested Sequence)

Please take into consideration the following information when planning your course schedule:

  • NOTE: UT Austin students who plan to enroll in CH 301 Principles of Chemistry I must earn a minimum score of 85 on the ALEKS Chemistry assessment.
  • The placement of physics, statistics, and literature are somewhat interchangeable in the suggested sequence.
  • AP/Dual Credit and enrollment in summer school are not taken into consideration in the suggested sequence.


BIO 311C– Introductory Biology I
CH 301– Principles of Chemistry I
M 408K (N or C)– Calculus I
RHE 306– Rhetoric and Writing
+ course(s) from Core/Flag Curriculum

BIO 311D– Intro Biology II
CH 302 — Principles of Chemistry II
CH 204 — Intro. to Chemical Practice LAB
SDS 302 — Data Analysis for the Health Sciences
+ course(s) from Core/Flag Curriculum


BIO 325— Genetics
CH 320M– Organic Chemistry I
E 316P (L,M,N, or K) — Masterworks of Literature
PHY 302K — General Physics I
PHY 102M — General Physics I Lab
+ course(s) from Core/Flag Curriculum

BIO 326R or M– General Microbiology
BIO 226L– General Microbiology Lab
CH 320N– Organic Chemistry II
CH 220C — Organic Chemistry Lab
+ course(s) from Core/Flag Curriculum

Listing of Core Curriculum course requirements can be found here. (use the most updated catalog for guidance)

  • Consider fulfilling some of the Core Curriculum (non-science requirements) during summer school.
  • Prior baccalaureate or higher degree-holders will be WAIVED requirements lacking from core & flag requirements and the foreign language requirement.
  • Students who transfer to UT Austin from another Texas state-funded institution (not private institutions) as “core complete” (per official transcript) will be considered “core complete” with UT Austin. Consult with advisor at your institution for advice.
  • First-year Signature course requirement- Read the Signature Course information to see if you have or will take courses that fulfill the breadth and spirit of this requirement. Please consider using the PETITION process mentioned below to see if the course you took or plan to take will work to fulfill this requirement.
  • It is possible for pre-requisite requirements to overlap with some core curriculum requirements.

Listing of Flag Course requirements can be found here.

  • All flag requirements, EXCEPT for Global Cultures, will be fulfilled by courses in the Pharm.D. curriculum.
    Please attempt to complete the Global Cultures requirement prior to matriculation into the PharmD program
  • Always seek advise from your assigned academic advisors before you register for courses.

Online resources to assist TRANSFER STUDENTS

  • If you are completing the pre-pharmacy prerequisites at a Texas institution (not UT Austin), this site will provide the course numbers at the other institution that will transfer to UT Austin and have been approved by UT Austin College of Pharmacy to fulfill our pre-pharmacy prerequisite requirements.
  • If you are a student completing coursework in a Texas institution, a course equivalency database called an ATE (Automated Transfer Equivalency) System can be used to see if a course will transfer from your institution to UT Austin.
  • If you are student completing coursework at a Texas state-funded institution, a core curriculum comparison site to assist in matching “Texas Core Code” numbers can be found here.

Questions regarding admission to the College of Pharmacy

  • UT-Austin pre-pharmacy: Please contact your assigned academic advisor & the UT Austin Health Professions Office at 512-471-3172 or visit their site.
  • Non-UT Austin pre-pharmacy: Contact our Student Affairs Office at 512-471-1737 or send email to
    • If you are taking courses at a Texas college or university other than UT-Austin, you will want to check the transfer equivalency on-line guide to be certain that you are taking the appropriate courses