Early Decision

Early Decision Fall 2019

Applying for pharmacy school as an Early Decision candidate can have it’s advantages.  We recommend that you learn as much as possible about the Pharm.D. programs that are on your radar for application consideration.

There are some advantages and advice we would like to share with you as you consider your options of Early Decision vs. Regular Decision.  The Early Decision program is a binding option for applicants who have decided that a particular Pharm.D. program is their first choice and that they will enroll if accepted. As an Early Decision applicant, you can apply to only one Pharm.D. program.  You can learn more about Early Decision through PharmCAS.

Please take a moment to consider applying as an Early Decision candidate to UT Austin by reading through some of the advantages and advice information below.  You can also learn more about our Pharm.D. program and opportunities at Texas Pharmacy.


  • Current/former UT Austin students will not have to pay for an enrollment deposit, if accepted.
  • New (transfer) applicants who are accepted to our Pharm.D. program will pay for a $200 enrollment deposit until May 1, 2020.
  • You will be notified a decision no later than the end of October 2019.
  • You will not have to pay for additional out-of-pocket costs associated with applying to multiple schools:
    • PharmCAS costs for additional schools
    • Supplemental applications costs for additional schools
    • Travel expense for interview trips
    • Seat deposits to save your seat while waiting for other school decisions ($200-$1,000 or more)

 Requirements & Advice

  • The July 2019 PCAT scores are required for Early Decision.  Please register for this exam no later than May 10th.
  • You should be enrolled in at least Organic Chemistry I by fall 2019 to be considered for Early Decision.
  • It’s highly recommended that you complete Biology II by the end of summer 2019.
  • Submit official transcripts that reflect upcoming fall 2019 courses ASAP once you create your PharmCAS application in July.  If you are taking summer school, you may want to submit an updated transcript to PharmCAS with summer grades.
  • Set a due date to individuals who are writing letters of reference on your behalf for August and before fall classes begin.
  • Prepare for the MMI Interview
To learn more about our Early and Regular Decision dates, deadlines, and interview dates, please visit our “Applying” site.