Regular (Fall Priority) Decision

Regular (Fall Priority) Decision Fall 2021

Applying for pharmacy school as a fall priority candidate can have its advantages.  We recommend that you learn as much as possible about the Pharm.D. programs that are on your radar for application consideration.

Please take a moment to consider applying as a fall priority candidate to UT Austin by reading through some of the advantages and advice information below.  You can also learn more about our Pharm.D. program and opportunities at Texas Pharmacy.


  • Current/former UT Austin students will not have to enrollment deposit, if accepted.
  • We will make admission decisions in the fall semester for those wanting to know decisions early
  • No binding agreement to matriculate with us if you receive an offer of admission

 Requirements & Advice

  • If you would like to be considered for Regular (Fall Priority) Decision:
    • please complete Organic Chemistry I by the end of the fall 2020 semester
    • highly recommend that you complete Biology II by the end of the summer 2020 semester
    • PCAT is optional, not required; exam must be taken by the September 2020 exam if you wish for the your scores to be evaluated along with your academic record during fall priority
    • please complete, pay, and submit both the PharmCAS and UT Austin Supplemental applications by the September 8, 2020 deadline