UT EID \you•tee ee•eye•dee\ n (1995): Short for University of Texas Electronic Identity. A UT EID allows anyone with a relationship to the university to use restricted online applications.

The most common problem with using an EID is that you may have more than one EID associated with your name.

  • UT only recognizes one at a time, so if you had applied to UT in the past (as a student or an employee), you have one EID created for that process regardless of whether you were admitted or employed – it’s still on file.
  • If you later create a new EID so that you can apply for Pharmacy College, you may be able to save and submit a supplemental application, but when the app tries to create a bill for you so you can pay the fee, it recognizes that there are other EIDs for you and stops.
  • You need to combine, or ‘merge’, your EIDs into a single one the University recognizes as your own.

Step 1: Please go to the UT EID Self-Service Tools page.

This is what you should see:

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 12.17.58 PM

Step 2: Log in with the EID you used to submit the Pharm.D. application.

Step 3: Click on “Combine My UT EIDs.”

Step 4: Enter both of your EIDs and their passwords.

Step 5: Complete subsequent pages as needed.

  • You may be asked for additional information, such as your full name, other names you have  gone by in the past, SSN, Date of Birth and some other personal data that will help the system determine which EIDs are yours.  This is so the system doesn’t combine your EID with anyone else’s.
  • NOTE: The site is secure (you’ve already logged in, and the data transmission is encrypted) so you can enter this information without fear.  You will eventually be shown a list of all EIDs the system can find for you, and will be asked which one you want to merge them all into.  If you can, select the one that you used for the PharmD application.  Using that as your single EID going forward will allow your PharmD application to be unchanged (your PharmCAS application should have that EID on it as well).

Step 6: Try submitting again.

  • Once you have combined the EIDs, you can go back to the PharmD application and try submitting it again, and it should work now.  You will end up with a submitted application and an email telling you to go check the What I Owe page to pay your bill.  We’ll get a copy of the email so you don’t need to contact us again if everything works out right.
  • If this doesn’t work out and you’re still having problems with the merge, call the UT Help Desk at 512-475-9400, tell them what’s going on, and that you want to merge your EIDs into the one on your PharmD application.  They should be able to either do the merge for you, or walk you through the process.