High School Students

We’re excited you’re taking this opportunity to discover what pharmacy has to offer as a career and find out what is the academic pathway towards becoming a pharmacist!

For our Texas residents, you have a TOP TEN college of pharmacy in your backyard.  This definitely a plus when one is considering in-state vs. out-of-state tuition cost.

When you graduate from pharmacy school, you will earn a professional doctorate degree (Pharm.D. degree).  Admission into pharmacy school does not require a bachelor’s degree but a majority of our Pharm.D. students matriculate into our programs with a bachelor’s degree.

Careers In Pharmacy

Most people are familiar with our community pharmacists located in independently owned to well-known chain pharmacies.  We appreciate these frontline health care professionals for their  medication expertise and accessibility.

Pharmacists are also found in hospitals, emergency rooms, and clinics as specialized oncology, pediatric, psychiatric, etc.. pharmacists.  We encourage you to read more about “What Is A Pharmacist?” on our site.

Academic Pathway (UT Austin College of Pharmacy)

As a high school student, you will not apply directly to the College of Pharmacy with the ApplyTexas freshman application.  Applying to pharmacy school occurs at least a year later into your college years.  Most students who want to start as a freshman at The University of Texas at Austin will usually start in the College of Natural Science before they are eligible to apply to pharmacy school.  Applicants to UT Austin College of Pharmacy can complete our pre-pharmacy prerequisite courses as a UT Austin undergraduate or from any accredited university or community college.

You are welcome to pursue any major as an undergraduate while concurrently attempting to complete pre-pharmacy prerequisites.  It’s great to have a parallel academic plan in case a student decides to complete a bachelor’s degree before starting pharmacy school.  You’ll find that our prerequisites will overlap with some general education requirements and other health profession admission requirements.

As a high school student, we encourage you to take as many chemistry, biology, math, and physics courses to prepare for college-level science/math courses.   Your grades from college-level courses will be what colleges of pharmacy will be evaluating for admissions into pharmacy.   Most colleges of pharmacy school will require you to apply to PharmCAS at the appropriate time.

As a freshman we encourage you to stay connected with your undergraduate academic advisors and health professions office at your undergraduate institution.  Please join a pre-pharmacy organization such as LPPA (Longhorn Pre-Pharmacy Association) so you’re in the know of what’s happening in pharmacy.

Virtual Presentations and Appointments

Take a moment to read through the sub-topics under the “PLAN” section on our Pharm.D. Admissions site.  You are more than welcome to schedule a phone/Zoom one-on-one appointment with an admissions representative: Schedule An Appointment

Please sign-up for a College of Pharmacy presentation and any other college/school session directed to high school students via UT Austin Virtual Sessions.

Our pharmdadmissions@austin.utexas.edu email is available for any questions.