Student Talk

Current and former students are the best ambassadors of the College of Pharmacy.  As they make their way through the college’s curriculum and programs, from P1 to P4, their stories are our stories.  Click on the links below to read comments from several of our student ambassadors.

Student facesAshley Dinh, Class of 2020
Andy Doan, Class of 2017
Korbin Evans, Class of 2019
Lindsey Groff, Class of 2019
Fiona Imarhia, Class of 2018
Mandy Moore, Class of 2018
Marilyn Mootz, Class of 2017
Baneen Noorali, Class of 2018
Brian Olivares, Class of 2019
Taylor Patek, Class of 2020
Laura Roccograndi, Class of 2019
Chelsey Roscoe, Class of 2018
JP Sanchez, Class of 2018
Ellie Studdard, Class of 2017
Matthew Tjandra, Class of 2017