What Is A Pharmacist?

Take a moment to learn what is a pharmacist and what they can do in this profession.  You will discover from the following sources that pharmacists are on the front lines with patient care and can be found in many practice settings from general to specialized areas.  For some of you this will be an eye-opening discovery!

Let’s start with an article in U.S. News & World Report, “How to Become a Pharmacist


Pharmacy Is Right For Me

  • Learn about the history and profession of pharmacy
  • Discover new practice settings for pharmacists
  • Find a roadmap to becoming a pharmacist
  • Understand the admissions requirements for getting into pharmacy schools
  • Find resources, opportunities, and blogs

Pharmacists for Healthier Lives

  • Mission
  • Many hats of a pharmacist
  • Expert advice on medications
  • Dispersing healthier outcomes

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook (Pharmacists)

  • What do pharmacist Do?
  • Job outlook
  • Pay
  • Work environment

Pharmacist Demand Indicator

You should now have a pretty good idea of what is a pharmacist and how YOU can pursue a career in pharmacy!