Class of 2019

Hook 'em horns photo

Everyone’s a Longhorn at Gone to Texas. Hook ’em!

Members of the Class of 2019 stepped into the pharmacy building complex on August 24, 2014 for New Student Orientation.  Over the next 48 hours they learned much and celebrated even more.  They now have completed the first semester of their P1 year and have taken on their roles as full members of the pharmacy student population.  They’ve attended classes, conducted patient screenings, and made the first steps toward establishing life-long colleagues and friendships.  Here’s a look at their first 48 hours as Longhorn Student Pharmacists.

White Coat Ceremony

More than 800 friends and family attended the 2015 White Coat Ceremony to celebrate the Class of 2019.   The ceremony, which is conducted in the Texas Union Ballroom, is seen as the bookend to graduation – the start (White Coat Ceremony) and the conclusion (Graduation – for this class Spring 2019).

First four students to enter ceremony photo

The first four members of the Class of 2019 prepare to enter the ballroom for the White Coat Ceremony

Students reciting oath of pharmacist photo

Members of the class recite the oath of a pharmacist at the conclusion of the White Coat Ceremony.

new student with parents photo

A student celebrates with his parents.



 Honor Code Signing

The College of Pharmacy Honor Code holds students to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.  Classmates were briefed and together signed a copy of the Student Code of Honor.  The copy of the Honor Code with signatures from the Class of 2019 now hangs in the entry hallway of the South Pharmacy Building along side similar copies bearing the signatures of their upper classmates.

Honor Code photo 2015

student signing honor code photo

Students signing the college Honor Code


Gone to Texas

On the eve of the first day of classes, the university throws a Texas size celebration full of university tradition and reflecting the various cultures that make up our community.  Members of the Pharm.D. Class of 2019 command front and center seating at dive in to the celebration.

students group with Pharmacy sign photo

Standing proud representing the College of Pharmacy.

Four female students at tower photo

Gone to Texas celebrates everything about UT at the foot of its iconic Main Building

Students doing the "wave" photo