Hazel and Leslie

Hazel Maultsby Pipkin, B.S. ’54

Photo Hazel and Leslie 1999

Hazel and Leslie 1999

Hazel Pipkin says she cannot take credit for “discovering” pharmacy as a degree program and career path. That credit belongs to her big sister, Imogene Maultsby (B.S. ‘49), who Pipkin said blazed a trail, not only for Imogene herself, but for three other women in the family: Hazel (Class of 1954), Hazel’s daughter Leslie Linn (Class of 1977), and niece Karen Reeves (Class of 1970).

“I did not consciously steer either Leslie or Karen toward pharmacy as a career,” Hazel continued. “Each made that decision without interference from either Imogene or me, but I was delighted and excited when they chose the profession that I love and that had provided such opportunity for me.”

However, despite a common profession, each followed a different career path within that profession.

“My pharmacy career started when I graduated from The University of Texas College of Pharmacy and ended when I retired from my position as a member of the college faculty. What I found was that my education at UT provided a foundation on which I could build and pursue opportunities I had never imagined: pharmacy ownership, leadership positions in various state and national organizations, and finally a position in academia.”


Leslie Pipkin Linn, B.S. ’77

Photo Hazel and Leslie 2016

Hazel and Leslie 2016

“When I was growing up I never planned on going into pharmacy,” writes Leslie, “probably because I saw my mother and aunt working so hard and I didn’t think I would be able to do it.”

I was more interested in animals and attended A&M for a semester as an animal science major. However, I quickly discovered that was not what I wanted to do. I also realized that, although my mother and aunt worked long hours, often under a lot of stress, they found great satisfaction in their work and their relationships with patients. So I started thinking about pharmacy as a major.

I graduated from the UT Austin College of Pharmacy in 1977 and started working in hospital pharmacies in the San Antonio area. I stayed in hospital pharmacy for 23 years, but in 2000 I changed to mail order/PBM pharmacy where I continue to work today.