Graduation 2016

PharmD Honors recipientsThe Class of 2016 moved from students to alumni in ceremonies held Friday and Saturday, May 20 and 21.

The Pharm.D. class celebrated conclusion of their four year trek through the college in a ceremony on Friday morning.  Dr. Clay Johnston, dean of the university’s new Dell Medical School, was commencement speaker.  Joel Moore, newly-elected president of the Class of 2016, also presented commencement remarks.

Several class members were recognized for awards.

• Courtney Ritchey won the award for highest GPA while Luke Porter was named as having the second highest GPA.

• Recognition for outstanding research went to Stefan Allen, Ashlee Brunaugh, and Stephanie Hufmagel

• Excellence in patient care awards went to Maren Cowley, Katherine Lutek, and JoAnn Savage

• Dedicated service awards went to Erene Attia, Kathryn Broze, Isaac Miller and Sana Qureshi

• Recognition for exemplary leadership was awarded to Cody Gummelt, Kyllie Ryan-Hummel and Samantha Vogel

• The College of Pharmacy Alumni Association recognized leadership, service, patient care and research successes by presenting the Mortar and Pestle Award to Angelica Cuenco, Joel Moore and Joseph Nguyen, secretary/treasurer.

On Saturday, the UT Graduate School held its convocation ceremony.  Several College of Pharmacy students participated while others completed their graduate degree programs in summer or Fall 2015.  Among those completing pharmacy graduate programs within the last year are:

M.S. and Ph.D. graduatesDawn Romo-Kim – Ph.D. – Summer 2015 – Dr. Karen Rascati

Ke-Yi Lin – Ph.D. – Summer 2015 – Dr. Ben Liu

Christine Dao – Ph.D. – Fall 2015 – Dr. Ted Mills

Anthony Romo – Ph.D. – Spring 2016 – Dr. Ben Liu

Chris Brough – Ph.D. – Summer 2015 – Dr. Bill Williams

Tianyi Cheng – M.S. – Fall 2015 – Dr. John DiGiovanni

Tira Meyers – M.S. – Fall 2015 – Dr. Rick Morrisett

Komal Singh – Ph.D. – Fall 2015 – Dr. Jim Wilson

Matt Herpin – Ph.D. – Fall 2015 – Dr. Hugh Smyth

Rakesh Singh – Ph.D. – Fall 2015 – Dr. Ken Lawson

Jiyoon Cho – Ph.D. – Summer 2015 – Dr. John DiGiovanni

Grace Mbaguw – M.S. – Fall 2015 – Dr. Karen Rascati

Joyce Er – Ph.D. – Spring 2015 – Dr. Walt Fast

Grace Lee – Ph.D. – Spring 2016 – Dr. Chris Frei

Jenny Wong – M.S. – Spring 2016 – Dr. Karen Rascati

Ellen Roska – Ph.D. – Spring 2016 – Dr. Jim Wilson

ChanHyun Park – Ph.D. – Spring 2016 – Dr. Ken Lawson

Shiu Ling Wong – M.S. – Spring 2016 – Dr. Jamie Barner


Pharm.D. Celebration

Dean Crismon with student Assistant Dean Acosta hoods student Assistant Dean Rivera congratulates student









Graduate Student Celebration

Dr. Hugh Smyth with graduate and family HOPP faculty with graduates








Graduates converse Stephanie Crouch with graduate