Faculty honored at Teaching Excellence Awards

The University of Texas at Austin’s Pharmacy Council honored the College of Pharmacy’s deserving faculty at its 2019 Teaching Excellence Awards. The ceremony took place on April 4, 2019 in the Texas Union’s Santa Rita Room, and honored teachers across the college. Student pharmacists of all levels nominated their favorite teachers, and Pharmacy Council declared the winner.

Class of 2022 Winner
Dr. Ashley Castleberry

“Dr. Castleberry has been a constant figure in our classrooms. We trust her almost unconditionally because in our most stressful moments, she was the person coming to answer our cries for help. On top of that, she was also one of the most highly ranked pathophysiology professors and a beloved mentor to her FPD mentees. I don’t think a single member of my class doesn’t adore and admire her for how much she contributes to the college considering she is so new. She is truly an inspiration.” -P1 Student

Class of 2021 Winner
Dr. Claire Latiolais

“Thinking about my future self after school is daunting. There are days where I feel like a hopeless lost cause. Dr. Latiolais gives me hope. She taught me that a vial part of being a phenomenal pharmacist is the acceptance that you’re going to make mistakes and to, therefore, not fear them.” -P2 Student

Class of 2020 Winner
Dr. Holli Temple

“Dr. Temple teaches our IV Admixtures course and Geriatrics module for Special Populations. She is always trying to improve her lectures so that she is addressing our needs and interests, as well as trying to not be redundant in our lectures. She is always willing to meet with you regarding your grade or questions. I have also seen her present CE credit on sterile compounding at the local AASHP Annual Conference. Her service to the pharmacy profession goes beyond the walls of the pharmacy building.” -P3 Student

Outstanding Teaching Assistant
Irnela Bajrovic

“Irnela has helped prepare me for my future in pharmacy by making sure I had a solid foundation in pharmacokinetics, drug calculations, and any other math-related pharmacy needs.” -P2 Student

Outstanding Faculty Advisor
Dr. Lucas Hill

“Dr. Hill has helped in facilitating the professional education of SPRN members by stepping in and taking over SPRN, when we were in need of an advisor. He is more than a faculty advisor, he is a vital part of the organization. If SPRN students are seeds, then Dr. Hill is the water and Miracle Grow to be there to cultivate our growth, encourage our ideas, and insisting we chase our passions.” -P3 Student

IPPE Preceptor of the Year
Dr. Hector Collazo Jr.

“My first experience as a pharmacy intern in the retail setting was during my community IPPE/MTMs. From the beginning of my MTM experience, Dr. Collazo was friendly, professional and took the extra steps to ensure I had the best learning experience possible. Ranging from teaching important counseling points for particular medications to advice after pharmacy school, Dr. Collazo played a pivotal role in my view of a future pharmacy practitioner.” -P3 Student

Pharmacy Educator of the Year
Dean Bryson Duhon

“Dean Duhon might be one of the few Professors that actively knows everyone in this school, and not only knows their name but their goals and interests. He is willing to interact with the students at every given opportunity. He is a mentor for the FPD class for many students and can be found in the lounge eating his lunch trying to engage with students. If you are trying to catch him in his office, the likelihood he is meeting with a student to work with them on their career path, their academics, or just a life mentor is pretty high and you better put your name on his schedule. Dean Duhon hands down has changed the way UT Pharmacy School operates. He has affected every single person’s education for the better.” -P3 Student

Those teachers honored at the ceremony was a combination of both newcomers and seasoned veterans, highlighting the consistent excellence of the college’s faculty across a wide range of time. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!