Advisory Council Bylaws & Administrative Guidelines


ARTICLE II – Purpose 

  • Section 1.To promote and support the College of Pharmacy.
  • Section 2.To recognize achievements of students, faculty, and graduates of the College of Pharmacy.
  • Section 3.To provide programmatic support for College of Pharmacy students.

ARTICLE III – Membership and Participation

  • Section 1.Active Membership. Any graduate of The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy may become an active member of this Association upon application and payment of designated dues.
  • Section 2.Associate Membership. Any person not a graduate of the College of Pharmacy may become an associate member upon application and payment of designated dues. Associate members will enjoy all privileges of active membership except voting.
  • Section 3.Honorary Membership. Any person who has rendered distinguished service to the College of Pharmacy may be elected as an Honorary Member of this Association by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Council.

ARTICLE IV – DuesDues for all categories of membership will be determined by the Executive Council.

ARTICLE V – Organization

    • Section 1. Officers. The officers of the Association will be the President, President-Elect, and Secretary-Treasurer.
      1. President. The individual serving as President-Elect will assume the office and duties of the President at the completion of the fiscal year.
      2. Candidates for President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and Representatives will be nominated by the Executive Council.
      3. President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and Representatives will be elected by ballot prior to the Association’s annual meeting.
      4. Elections will be by a majority of votes cast by the membership of the Association.
  • Section 2.Executive Council. The Executive Council will be composed of the President, President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, Immediate Past President, at least one at-large Representative elected by the membership, and Regional Representatives from Austin, San Antonio, Dallas/Ft. Worth, the Rio Grande Valley, Houston, and West Texas. A student from the College of Pharmacy will serve a one-year term ex-officio. The President of the most recent graduating class will serve as a voting member of the Council for a one-year term. Positions will be filled to the fullest extent possible.
    1. Duties. The Executive Council will be in charge and control of Association and its affairs.
    2. Term of Office. The President and President-Elect will serve a one-year term of office, and the Secretary-Treasurer will serve a three-year term of office. The At-Large and Regional Representatives will serve three-year, staggered terms.
    3. Vacancy in Office. Any vacancy in office that occurs during the organizational year will be filled by Executive Council appointment.


    • Section 1. President. The President-Elect will assume the Presidency at the beginning of the fiscal year. The President will assist the Executive Council in setting the annual calendar at the first meeting after assuming office. The President will preside over meetings. The President may be called upon to speak at student events, the annual alumni dinner, and other College of Pharmacy occasions.
    • Section 2. President-Elect. The President-Elect will serve as a member of the Financial Aid Committee for the College of Pharmacy. The President-Elect will attend alumni events and will represent the Association when the President is unavailable.
    • Section 3. Secretary-Treasurer. The Secretary-Treasurer will take minutes at each meeting and, with the assistance of the Development Specialist, distribute them to the Executive Council for approval. The Alumni Association funds will be maintained under the auspices of The University of Texas at Austin. The Alumni Association Executive Council will authorize and provide oversight for the use of these funds. The Secretary-Treasurer will periodically review the Alumni Association fund activity as necessary.
    • Section 4. Immediate Past President. The Immediate Past President will serve as a representative for the College of Pharmacy Alumni Association will be invited to attend two University of Texas Ex-Students’ Association Board of Directors meetings each year.
  • Section 5. Representatives. Representatives will serve three-year staggered terms and may chair various functions of the Alumni Association, including but not limited to: Homecoming Weekend, including the Legends of Pharmacy Open and the Tailgate Party, and Regional Activities.

ARTICLE VII – MeetingsThe Executive Council will meet four times per year and will set such meetings at the beginning of the new term of the office of the President. There will be an annual meeting held at a time selected by the Executive Council and notification of this meeting will be given to all members of the Association. Special meetings may be called and arranged by the President of by a majority of the Executive Council.

ARTICLE VIII – Revision of By-laws and AmendmentsThese bylaws may be revised by a majority vote of the Executive Council, with subsequent approval by members present at the next scheduled meeting. These by-laws may be amended with the approval of the Executive Council at a regular or called meeting with a quorum of members in attendance.

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