Class of 2019 Pledge Drive

Click this link to download the Class of 2019 Pledge Form.

This year, the Class of 2019 Pledge Drive Committee hopes to create an endowment scholarship to support the pharmacists following in our steps at the University of Texas College of Pharmacy.

Our goal of $50,000 will provide enough funds to create and manage a College of Pharmacy scholarship for a future student, meaning that we’d only need every member of our class to pledge $500. We appreciate your consideration in setting up this legacy for the future of pharmacy and alleviating financial hardship for a future student pharmacist at our college.

Benefits of participating

  • You can honor a loved one, possibly someone who helped you get through pharmacy school. Honorees will be notified about your generosity in a letter from Dean Crismon.
  • Your donation will be acknowledged in the May 2019 graduation program (not the specific amount of the donation). If you choose to honor somebody with your pledge, an acknowledgment of this honor will be provided in a special section in the graduation program (unless you would prefer that this not be included).
  • All donations to this pledge drive are tax-deductible.
  • Students may pool their pledges to raise the minimum needed to establish an endowment: $50,000. Any established endowment would be commemorated with a plaque displayed in the pharmacy building and would continue to accrue money.
  • This pledge drive is extremely flexible: you can make an outright gift or pledge any amount of money you desire. Gifts do not have to be large to make an impact.
  • Pledge now with the understanding that you don’t have to make an actual donation until later. In fact, you have up to 5 years to make your first gift to the pledge.

Why donate?

State support for higher education has decreased while tuition has increased, all while the rigorous curriculum precludes many from working outside of school. Subsequently, pledges are more critical than ever to help students (your future colleagues) to receive the best pharmacy education possible. Your pledge supports your alma mater and serves as an investment to ensure that the programs remain strong and the value of a UT College of Pharmacy degree remains unparalleled.

Click here to read why private support of the College of Pharmacy is so essential.
Click this link to download a Class of 2019 Pledge Form.

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