Shift by Ariel Spiegelman


Word: shift

Think about the shifts that occur in our lives. From global events, to natural disasters, to personal life-changes, there is a constant sense of transformation. As you walk into this room, focus on the way your body shifts as you move, and how other people in the space affect your path. As you approach the sculpture, notice how the colors, shapes, shadows, and sounds deviate. Consider how energy plays a part in these changes. Placeholder explores the relationships between humans and energy. The solar and kinetic energy recycled by this installation enables you to have the power to shift the experience of each viewer. How will you choose to do this?

–Ariel Spiegelman

Movement by Kelcie Tisher


Word: movement

Infant to adult, radical to moderate, happy to sad, abstract to concrete. We experience movement in our lives, emotions, ideas, and beliefs. How does movement shape who you are today, and who will you move on to be tomorrow? Be aware of how you move throughout this piece. What does your movement add to or subtract from the space? Go beyond your comfort zone and experiment with movement. Listen to your emotions, how do they change? How does your understanding change as you experience this piece?

–Kelcie Tisher

Shadow Play by Kirstin Cutts


Phrase: Shadow Play

A shadow play depends more on what isn’t seen than what is. With light and the power of suggestion, a visual story is told. Your eyes get the outline, your mind fills in the blanks.

The players here are the supporting cast of the planet, imperceptible to the eye but indispensable to our lives. They have been reconsidered and reimagined, their forms taking center stage, with a crew of artists, designers, engineers and educators kneeling behind the scrim. Where have you seen these shapes before? Where do you see them now? How do they change as you move throughout the space? Walk onto the stage, let your eyes explore the scenery, and let your mind finish the story.

–Kirstin Cutts

Electric by Erin Poteet


Word: electric

It all starts with a pulse, the beat of a heart, electric signals shooting down fibers. It is safe, sound and familiar yet dangerous, cruel and unknown. What you see is not all of what you get. The installation lives and breathes, charged by the sun and destined to  react to the stimuli that surrounds it. It isn’t alive in the organic sense yet it is a living thing. Think about the nexus of electricity and life and try to imagine a world void of power, of electrical impulses, of static and light. The sun rains down photons on us everyday, pure power that can be harnessed. Think of the installation, the creature, and the life that it has been given by the sun. Watch it contract and expand and be grateful that we live in an electric world.

–Erin Poteet