It started with a hexagon, a single idea. As the group’s ideas expanded, so did the hexagon. A group from various backgrounds converged to create a radial hexagon. Lines diverge from a single hexagon to create a piece as expansive as our ideas. However, this exhibition does not stop with us. We invite you to experiment with this piece. What does it remind you of? How can you manipulate the shapes? What choices are you making and why? Share your experiences with others in the gallery or your peers elsewhere. Discuss your ideas about the piece with others and notice how those thoughts expand and diverge just like the radial hexagon before you.

Pick a point in the room


Pick a point in the room. Ask your shadow to stay there. Go explore the art.

What do you see from this corner?

Go to another corner. Now what do you see?

Go to one last corner.

Now go back to where you left your shadow. Tell them to go explore the art. Watch where they go.

Think about which spot, perspective, or view was your favorite. Ask your shadow the same question. Do you have the same answer?