“Colonizers are not immigrants” and other thoughts on immigration, race, and bodies that belong



Source: The Huffington Post

Our next meeting with take place on Friday April 17 in CLA 0.112 from 3-5. It will be a seminar-style discussion on race and immigration, specifically thinking about how the white body is absented from how U.S. studies imagines “who” the immigrant is. Please read the following readings and come ready for a productive conversation!

Koutonin, Mawuna R. (2015) – Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants? 

Treitler, Vilna Bashi.  (2015). “Social Agency and White Supremacy in Immigration Studies.” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 1(1): 153-165, 2015.


See you all on Friday!

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