A pictured of the REALITY Lab logo. In the center, there is a group of diverse individuals. Below the group of individuals reads REALITY LAB. In a circle around the image details the name of REALITY Lab - Research on Equity, Access, and Inclusion in Technology and Society.

The mission of the REALITY Lab is to create and maintain a space for fostering equitable outcomes through inclusive research practices and responsible technology experiences in understanding the influence of information, data, and technology on equity, or lack thereof, in society, particularly those from traditionally excluded communities.

The REALITY Lab is a research and project incubator aligned with the Social Justice Informatics major and the iSchool’s broader mission and values that information will serve humanity and technology for social good. The REALITY Lab connects with the budding interests of undergraduate and MSIS students.

Contact Us

Interested in knowing more about our work? Interested in working with us? You may contact the lab directors through their respective email addresses.

  • Dr. Earl W. Huff Jr – earl.huff@ischool.utexas.edu
  • Dr. Angela D. R. Smith – angela.smith@ischool.utexas.edu