The School of Information (iSchool) at the University of Texas at Austin provides undergraduate and graduate degrees with opportunities to specialize in one or more areas within information science and technology.

Undergraduate Courses

The iSchool provides an undergraduate Informatics program with six concentrations, Social Justice Informatics being among them. Below are the courses that count towards the concentration:

  • I 310J Introduction to Social Justice Informatics – Syllabus
  • I 320J Misinformation, Justice, and Design – Syllabus
  • I320J/S Design for Social Impact
  • I320J Understanding Disability and Accessibility

Graduate Courses

There are a number of graduate courses offered by the iSchool that, while not directly tied to the Social Justice Informatics concentration, teach topics related to Social Justice:

  • INF 385T Inclusive Design for Accessible Technology – Syllabus
  • INF 385T Misinformation and Disinformation – Syllabus
  • INF 385T Participatory Design and Research for Special Populations – Syllabus