Celebrate 400 Years of Eyes on the Skies

It was 1609 when Galileo first turned a telescope on the heavens and made some startling discoveries: there are many more stars than we can actually see, and the planet Jupiter has moons that orbit it.

In honor of the 400th anniversary of the first astronomical use of the telescope, the United Nations has named 2009 the International Year of Astronomy (IYA).

You can participate by going outside to marvel at the stars, by looking up your local astronomy club and going to a star party, or, by reading books such as “Cosmic Catastrophes” (Cambridge University Press, 2007), by UT Astronomy Professor J. Craig Wheeler.

In “Cosmic Catastrophes,” Wheeler details the inner working of some of the heavens’ most violent explosions, including the exploding stars known as supernovae and the gamma-ray bursts. He also details how cosmologists are studying supernovae to better understand the expansion of the universe and its ultimate fate. The book includes illustrations by Tim Jones, art director for the university’s StarDate magazine.

If you’d like to see some of the books that forged the history of astronomy, check out the Ransom Center’s upcoming exhibit “Other Worlds: Rare Astronomical Works,” opening Sept. 2009.

The exhibit will feature one of the most important books in the history of science: “De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium” (On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres) by Nicolas Copernicus, which controversially argued that the Earth and the planets orbit the sun. Also on display will be first editions by Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton.

The university also will celebrate the International Year of Astronomy with a state-wide speaker series. The McDonald Observatory is partnering with Texas A&M to bring astronomers from UT and A&M to venues across the state, including Austin, Amarillo, Brownsville, College Station, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Davis, Fort Worth, Houston, Laredo, Lubbock, Midland and San Antonio.

Find out more about IYA celebrations at http://mcdonaldobservatory.org/iya/.

By Rebecca Johnson

ShelfLife guest blogger Rebecca Johnson is the editor of StarDate magazine and leads media relations for McDonald Observatory at The University of Texas at Austin.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate 400 Years of Eyes on the Skies

  1. Still can not read the telescope

    Einstein’s Physics+ MIT Harvard Cal-Tech Princeton
    Stanford Perimeter institute + All space-time Physics
    + NASA = 0 Physics

    Visual Effects and the confusions of “Modern” physics

    r ——————Light sensing of moving objects ——- S
    Actual object————— Light —————— Visual object

    r – ——-cosine (wt) + i sine (wt) – S = r [cosine (wt) + i sine (wt)]
    Newton– Kepler’s time visual effects — Time dependent Newton Wave Equation

    Line of Sight: r cosine wt

    r ——————- r cosine (wt) line of sight light aberrations

    A moving object with velocity v will be visualized by

    light sensing through an angle (wt);w = constant and t= time

    Also, sine wt = v/c; cosine wt = √ [1-sine² (wt)] = √ [1-(v/c) ²]

    A visual object moving with velocity v will be seen as S

    S = r [cosine (wt) + i sine (wt)] = r Exp [i wt]; Exp = Exponential

    S = r [√ [1-(v/c) ²] + ỉ (v/c)] = S x + i S y

    S x = Visual along the line of sight = r [√ [1-(v/c) ²]

    This Equation is special relativity length contraction formula and it is just the visual effects caused by light aberrations of a moving object along the line of sight.

    In a right angled velocity triangle A B C: Angle A = wt; angle B = 90°; Angle C = 90° -wt
    AB = hypotenuse = c; BC = opposite = v; CA= adjacent = c √ [1-(v/c) ²]

    And what is the visual effect for angular velocity of Perihelion of Mercury along the line of sight?

    Perihelion of Mercury
    Kepler (demolish) Vs Einstein’s Space-jail of time

    Ending Einstein’s space jail of time in 2009 that led to fraud Symbol E=mc²

    Areal velocity is constant: r² θ’ =h Kepler’s Law

    h = 2π a b/T; b=a√ (1-ε²); a = mean distance value; ε = eccentricity
    r² θ’= h = S² w’

    S = r exp (ỉ wt) ——————————————————————————–>

    h = [r² Exp (2iwt)] w’=r²θ’
    w’ = (θ’) exp [-2(i wt)]

    w’= (h/r²) [cosine 2(wt) – ỉ sine 2(wt)] = (h/r²) [1- 2sine² (wt) – ỉ sin 2(wt)]
    w’ = w'(x) + ỉ w'(y) ; w'(x) = (h/r²) [ 1- 2sine² (wt)]

    Δ w’= w'(x) – (h/r²) = – 2(h/r²) sine² (wt) = – 2(h/r²) (v/c) ² v/c=sine wt
    (h/ r²)(Perihelion/Periastron)= [2πa.a√ (1-ε²)]/Ta² (1-ε) ²= [2π√ (1-ε²)]/T (1-ε) ²
    Δ w’ = [w'(x) – h/r²] = -4π {[√ (1-ε²)]/T (1-ε) ²} (v/c) ² radian per second

    {x [180/π;degrees]x[100years=36526days;century]x[3600;seconds in degree]

    Δ w” = (-720x36526x3600/T) {[√ (1-ε²]/(1-ε)²} (v/c)² seconds of arc per century

    This Kepler’s Equation solves all the problems Einstein and all physicists could not solve
    DI Her Binary starts systems

    The circumference of an ellipse: 2πa (1 – ε²/4 + 3/16(ε²)²- –.) ≈ 2πa (1-ε²/4); R =a (1-ε²/4)
    v=√ [G m M / (m + M) a (1-ε²/4)] ≈ √ [GM/a (1-ε²/4)]; m<<M; Solar system

    Advance of Perihelion of mercury.

    G=6.673×10^-11; M=2×10^30kg; m=.32×10^24kg
    ε = 0.206; T=88days; c = 299792.458 km/sec; a = 58.2km/sec

    Calculations yields:
    v =48.14km/sec; [√ (1- ε²)] (1-ε) ² = 1.552
    Δ w”= (-720x36526x3600/88) x (1.552) (48.14/299792)²=43.0”/century

    Conclusions: The 43″ seconds of arc of advance of perihelion of Planet Mercury (General relativity) is given by Kepler’s equation better than all of Published papers of Einstein. Kepler’s Equation can solve Einstein’s nemesis DI Her Binary stars motion and all the other dozens of stars motions posted for past 40 years on NASA website SAO/NASA as unsolved by any physics.

    Anyone dare to prove me wrong? I just showed that:

    Physicists and astrophysicists still can not read a telescope after 400 years!

  2. Jacuecanga, Angra dos Reis (RJ) Brasil, Friday, February 13, 2009.

    IYA 2009. Role of the Astronomy in the rescue of Earth.

    Outline of the 13 Extra Cosmic Starships heading Earth. (Also in attach)

    As all we know very well, since long ago humanity looks for a reliable response about the existence of life out world, as well as whether we really would be alone throughout the vastness of the Universes.
    But, I am cocksure that it’s coming the day on which humanity will be sure that we are much more escorted and watched than all we can imagine because I found out the existence of 13 Starships among those countless and unimaginable mysteries existents between heaven and earth, centuries ago emphasized by William Shakespeare.
    These 13 Starships are of extra cosmic provenance, its existence was long ago announced by Jesus Christ through the Holy Bible, and since long ago are parked within this quadrant of this universe on which our solar system is spotted, looking forward that once gotten together In the Universe, they can start a visit of help to our planet.
    Soon after they identify them in the past, Astronomers made a big mistake on classifying them merely as stars or heavenly bodies, because this Starships are steadily protected by a kind of a shield made of a cosmic matter still unknown by the terrestrial science, then the existence of this shield added to the starry distance that separate them from our solar system, turned Astronomers bewildered, hence wrongly they classified them as Stars, etc.
    Someway, I am not an Astronomer, scientist, or a researcher of this realm. I am just a simple fisherman from Angra dos Reis (RJ) Brazil, who is looking for the support of the world press so that in this ( IYA 2009) International Year of Astronomy I can proof to the terrestrial World the existence of these 13 Starships.
    This way, I would like to inform especially to the Astronomers, Religious leaders and whomsoever this matter ma concern that, humanity will never reach the real worldwide peace if Earth does not be dimensionally standardized with the other planets which belongs to our galaxy, reminding that these Planets are linked to the core of the milk way through a kind of a extra dimensional cord.
    However, In other words I would like to let all you know that this dimensional standardization will turn out in the reconduction of Earth to its primordial positioning in the cosmic axis, but whole this process depends on the participation of these 13 Starships.
    Once dimensionally standardized beyond the Cosmos and reconnected to the axis which links Earth to the core of the Milk way, once and for all our Planet will be aloof from the zones of extra dimensional interfering and influences which are the responsible by these unexplainable evils that since millennia knocks down over our planet and humanity as a whole.
    But, this process as a whole concerns to an extra cosmic intervention which cannot be achieved without a previous campaign of preparation and enlightenment of humanity as a whole, about the existence and the purpose of these Starships beyond our planet.
    Concerning to the devices I have to proof the existence of these Starships, I invite all you to research the own Holy Bible that is one of the most reliable testimony of the existence of these Starships, because nearly two thousand years ago, while Jesus Christ was chewing the rag with some of followers sitting on a stone under a tree, he used parables to state the existence of these Starships, as well as the existence of the other planets.
    But, in these days of today I will proof the existence of these 13 Starships through the revealing of an afterlife and transcendental message of Mother Theresa from Calcuta and Princess Diana Spencer that will need to be spread through the four corners of Earth by the world press, for its disclosing shall announce the appearing and approaching of a new star of light which shall start shinning in the Universe, night and day, being seen even by naked eyes, westward of one can be, stretching point so that we can prepare our planet to welcome this visit of help of these Starships.
    In short, I came to the conclusion that this IYA (International Year of Astronomy) would be appropriate so as I could proof the World the existence of these 13 Starships, then I need the help of the press that this matter can echo all over the four corners of Earth, being taken especially to the knowledge of Religious leaders and Astronomers, because their participation in the campaign of preparation and enlightenment of humanity will be of essential importance, so that the mission of these 13 Starships beyond our planet can come off with flying colors.
    However if you would like to do your share for the reaching of the real worldwide peace and salvation of Earth, just forward this matter as requested, because as long as you be doing that I will be contacting some of these Starships with a view of to invite them to afford a locomotion showing lightning signals for the testimony of those who follow me.
    Thanx so much for the attention to me granted.
    Name: Ubiracir Batista Miranda.
    Rank: Fisherman
    Angra dos Reis (RJ) Brasil.
    Mob: (24) 88067315
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