Book Chronicles Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps

Sixty-four years ago today, Soviet soldiers liberated Auschwitz, one of the largest concentration camps established by the Germans during World War II. The United Nations now recognizes January 27 as an International Day of Commemoration for victims of the Holocaust.

Allied forces would liberate many other camps that spring, revealing photos and stories of atrocity that stunned the world.

Historian Robert H. Abzug chronicles American soldiers’ eye-witness accounts in the seminal work “Inside the Vicious Heart: Americans and the Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps” (Oxford University Press, 1987).

The book combines historical analysis with personal testimonies, and includes many of the photos of unimaginable suffering that later appeared in magazines and newsreels. As the last World War II veterans pass away in the coming years, the significance of books that preserve their experiences, like “Inside the Vicious Heart,” will only continue to grow.

At the time of its publication, the book earned numerous accolades. Newsday proclaimed it “forceful and riveting,” and The New York Times praised Abzug’s “excellent job sifting both the testimony itself and the reactions of Americans back home.”

Abzug directs the university’s Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies. Learn more about his research on the Holocaust, antebellum America, and religion and psychology in American culture.

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  1. My father-in-law, sgt. daniel gutierrez (deceased), the first of the WWII “shock troops” to break down the gate to a Jewish concentration camp in Germany. One of the prisoners, immigrated to the USA and opened a hotel in San Antonio Texas. About 40 years later, the two happened to meet over drinks and by coincidence told their stories about their young lives. The Jewish man threw a banquet for Dan. It’s recorded and photographed in the either the San Antonio Light (defunct) or the San Antonio Express News.

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