The University of Texas at Austin: A Campus Guide

A_Campus_GuideThe Campus Guide: The University of Texas at Austin” is much more than an overview of UT’s campus. The guide’s introduction presents archival material from the university’s origin as a single building on a hill through the campus’ “shack era” and successive attempts at master planning. It continues with gorgeous full-color photography of today’s beloved campus and unique, three-dimensionally rendered maps that lead the way on tours from the majestic tower at the Main Building to Texas Memorial Stadium; or from the Harry Ransom Center and Texas Union to the school’s various libraries, professional schools and administrative buildings.

Architecture Professors¬†Lawrence W. Speck and Richard L. Cleary examine the history of sites and buildings with a critical eye, in particular the mid-twentieth-century buildings that fueled the university’s explosive growth. “The Campus Guide: The University of Texas at Austin” showcases UT’s renowned architecture and shows how the character of the campus was improved by its varied styles.

Featuring over a hundred buildings in six self-guided architectural walks, the guide narrates the shared history of campus policy and architectural development at one of Texas’ premier schools. Today, the main campus of The University of Texas at Austin covers 350 acres and includes 140 buildings.

In a state known for its wide-open spaces, sprawling suburban development, and big cars, the UT campus has been an urban laboratory for testing ways of managing growth and of using design to foster a sense of shared identity among all who study and work there.