University Writing Center Job/Internship

Interested in working for the University Writing Center’s as a Writing Consultant? Consider taking their internship course, RHE 368C, this Spring 2021. This internship is a required course for anyone hoping to work at the UWC. Students interested in the internship course must apply through HireUTexas by October 23rd to be considered. The course application is listed under the title “Writing Center Intern.”

The internship is designed to introduce students to writing center theory and practice, and is ideal for students interested in writing, rhetoric and communication, and pedagogy. After completing the internship, students can apply to work at the UWC as consultants. Consulting is a supportive and flexible job that offers a variety of professionalization opportunities such as certifications, promotional and social media work, and research projects, in addition to developing vital consulting, interpersonal communication, and writing skills.

Connect with UWC online through the UWC website, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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