Month: May 2017

A Curated Toolkit for Instructors

The Faculty Innovation Center (FIC) recently unveiled a new website full of resources just for you! Called “QUICK FIC Solutions – A Curated Toolkit for Instructors”, this website contains more than 50 short videos that will show you tips and best

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A small bug in Canvas…

Recently, it came to my attention that group assignments that had worked in a particular way in the past, no longer seemed to be behaving now. So, as we prepare for summer and next fall, if you find that your

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Embed, Kahoot!, or anything else into your PowerPoint

You can embed ANY web page into your PowerPoint slideshow! The steps below will show you how to embed a poll into your slideshow. The steps are virtually identical if you’re using Kahoot!, Poll Everywhere, or just about any

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How to Embed Live Websites into Your PowerPoint Slideshow

Do you get tired of having to switch back and forth between websites and your PowerPoint slideshow during a lecture? Do you wish it were possible to add that website right to your slideshow? Well, it turns out you can!

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