Proctorio Troubleshooting Guide for Students


You’re about to take a big exam and it’s being proctored using Proctorio. You know this because in Canvas, your exam looks something like this*:

*if you’ve never used Proctorio before, click here to start learning more.

*and click here to make sure your laptop meets or exceeds the School of Nursing’s recommendations.


Before you begin:

Before you can begin your exam, you’ll go through several “pre-exam checks” to ensure that your computer or laptop is set up properly to use Proctorio.

But what happens when something goes wrong?

What can you do if you run into trouble?

No need to worry. Below are several, simple steps you can take to help resolve whatever might be going wrong.


Troubleshooting Tips and Steps to Follow:

Prior to a major exam, it’s a good idea to re-install Proctorio. This is simply to ensure that it works properly BEFORE you begin your big, stressful exam.

If you run into trouble during an exam:

    1. Reinstall Proctorio if it hasn’t been done in some time.
    2. Close Canvas and reopen it, then go back into your exam.
    3. Close and restart Google Chrome, then step repeat step 2.
    4. Click the Proctorio icon (top right corner of Web Browser) for Live Chat help. Live Chat help is available 24/7 to assist you.
    5. Restart the computer.


What if these steps don’t work?

    1. If you’re taking your exam here in the School of Nursing building, go to the 3rd floor testing center. There you’ll find several computers equipped with external webcams and everything else you need to take exams with Proctorio.
    2. If you’re taking the exam from home, contact your instructor immediately and let them know you’ve completed the troubleshooting steps above to no avail. Your instructor will then make arrangements for you to complete the exam another way and/or contact me to help resolve issues in Canvas or Proctorio.


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