Best Practices in Zoom


Because you will be using Zoom for some or all of your teaching and other interactions with students, I’ve put together some best practices and other resources based on the questions I get asked most often:

Zoom Breakout Rooms

Zoom Breakout Rooms are a very powerful tool that can help make your online classes more engaging and useful. But, they also take some getting used to, for you and for your students. To start learning more, visit the sites below:


Guest Speakers in Zoom

Anyone can be a guest presenter in your Zoom meeting. The only stipulation is that they must be signed in to their Zoom account. To get a free Zoom account, visit Then, visit this Wiki page to learn more:


Alternative Hosts in Zoom

Anyone with a UT Austin Zoom account can serve as your alternative host in a Zoom meeting. But it may not be clear what else you need to do to get started.

Click here to learn more.


Selecting the Right Camera / Microphone in Zoom

When you start a Zoom meeting in one of the Nursing classrooms using the attached USB webcam, you will need to make sure the computer is reading is correctly as the video and microphone source.

Click here to learn more.


Passcodes and Waiting Rooms

Beginning next month, Zoom will require that we use either a waiting room or a passcode for all meetings. We will no longer have the option of turning those settings off.

If you already have meetings scheduled that will take place in September and beyond, it is recommended that you check each meeting to make sure one or the other of these settings is turned on.

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