The School of Nursing has been using Proctorio more and more over the last 4 years for online proctoring of quizzes and exams. At this point, most Nursing courses in Canvas are using it for at least some of their assessment needs.

If you want to learn more about Proctorio, or have questions, please contact me at your convenience.

If you’re new to Proctorio or would like to learn more, below are some great resources to help you get started:


Remote Proctoring with Proctorio

This page is a great introduction and includes most of the resources you’ll need to start using Proctorio in Canvas. Remember, if you need help contact me any time.



Proctorio Deeper Dive

This page includes several short tutorial videos that introduce you to some of the more complex areas of Proctorio like the settings you can use on your quizzes as well as the Proctorio gradebook.



Proctorio Troubleshooting Guide for Students

Especially if you’re conducting your exams outside the classroom, and if you’re using Proctorio, you probably are, it’s a great idea to provide students with troubleshooting support and resources. This page is a great resource to help students learn how to solve technical issues that they may run into during an exam.