About Us

Since 1987 the graduate students of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UT have organized a colloquium whose mission is to further graduate student professional and intellectual development.  Each year the event provides a space to present current research interests and to share all forms of work-in-progress.  The first colloquium, officially called the “UT Colloquium on Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Romance Linguistics”, was made possible through the effort of professors Madeleine Sutherland-Meier and Dale Koike, who received support from various academic departments across campus.  At present the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Student Organization (GSO) works enthusiastically to coordinate the colloquium and to select its theme.  True to its interdisciplinary nature, the colloquium is supported by several departments, organizations, programs and centers at UT, and continues to gather graduate students and independent scholars from across the US, Latin America and Europe.  As part of each program the colloquium organizers invite distinguished keynote speakers to contribute to the discussion on campus.

Email: spanportcolloquium@gmail.com