The Stavchansky Lab

Research Interests

Generic and chemical class therapeutic substitution are changing the delivery of medicines. If different products are therapeutically equivalent it makes sense to allow the use of the cheaper alternative. Thus, the Food and Drug Administration as well as the pharmaceutical industry are extremely interested in answering the question of whether switching a patient from one drug product to another will result in the same therapeutic efficacy and safety profile. The primary mission of our laboratories is to apply the principles of biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, and drug metabolism to evaluate and design drug delivery systems to ensure the safety and efficacy of drug products. This involves the development of sensitive and selective analytical methodology to quantitatively measure the concentration of drugs in biological systems and to better understand the relationship between drug solubility and drug permeability through biological membranes. We have initiated research in the pharmacokinetic evaluation and delivery of oligonucleotides. Graduate students and research assistants acquire knowledge in the areas of physical and analytical chemistry, statistics, data processing, computer assisted pharmacokinetics and in the experimental design of clinical protocols. Grants and contracts from the government and the pharmaceutical industry provide our state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.

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