Student Affairs Standouts

Dr. Greg Keilin, Counseling and Mental Health Center has been selected for three prestigious mental health awards: 1) The American Psychological Association’s Distinguished Award for Education and Training, 2) The Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Center (APIC)’s Distinguished Leadership Award, and 3) The American Board of Professional Practice (ABPP)’s Leadership and Training Award.

ural dewittyUral E. Dewitty, University Unions was named an Outstanding Staff Recipient at The President’s Staff Awards ceremony.

After winning the local Golden Trowel Award from the Texas Masonry Contractors Association, the Student Activity Center (SAC) was recently honored with the State of Texas Golden Trowel Award along with project partners P&S Masonry, Overland Partners, UT Office of Facilities Planning and Construction and SpawGlass. The project will now compete for the National Golden Trowel Award.

“A Tip of the Hat to…”
Hemlata Jhaveri, Housing and Food Service ,from Todd A. Engstrom, Manager, Dobie Center“Thank you so much for hosting the training yesterday. In talking to Jennifer, my RD, she said it was both informative and enjoyable. It is so refreshing to work with a university that sees the bigger picture that includes the off campus private dorms in providing the best possible service and guidance to “OUR” students. For that I thank Floyd (Hoelting) for his vision of cooperation. I have worked at seven universities over my 40+ years experience in student housing and this is the first time such cooperation has been explored, with great results. Thank you again and have a great year.”

Tom Fuquay,
Housing and Food Service, from a grateful customer“I dropped by the Littlefield Cafe for lunch on Aug. 2. I ordered a sandwich which I promptly dropped right in front of the cashier counter after paying for the meal. It had been a really really bad day. I just wanted to sit down and feel sorry for myself. The cashier and manager both encouraged me to get another sandwich. I said no thanks and went to sit on (the) patio and proceeded to feel sorry for myself and my rotten day. The manager came outside (to) ask me what kind of sandwich I had and brought me another one. His act of kindness brightened my day. I went back to my department and let my coworkers know of my experience. I found that multiple employees of Student Health Services had great experiences over at Littlefield Cafe. I just want to say thanks to the staff and manager at Littlefield Cafe for making a bad day much better.”

Staff Service Awards
The University of Texas at Austin honored several team members from the Division in May at the Staff Service Awards Program. The event celebrates and recognizes the contributions of committed staff who are responsible for transforming lives for the benefit of society. Congratulations to the following Division employees. Keep up the good work!



Years of Service

Cary Tucker Counseling and Mental Health Center 10
Laura Ebady Counseling and Mental Health Center 10
Chad E. McKenzie Recreational Sports 10
Clifton E. Murphy Recreational Sports 10
Randall A. Ford Recreational Sports 20
Eric D. Stoutner Recreational Sports 30
Jack Simons Texas Student Media 15
Joan Bowerman Texas Student Media 25
Blake Grugett University Health Services 10
Brandy Whitten University Health Services 10
Katherine Green University Health Services 10
Barbara Blizzard University Health Services 20
Cynthia Guzman University Health Services 20
Melinda (Lin) Reid University Health Services 25
Karen Lee University Health Services 30
Mary L. Prieto University Unions 10
Christopher K. Lueck University Unions 15
Claudette R. Campbell University Unions 15
Behzad Salsabilian University Unions 20
William Andrew Smith, Jr. University Unions 25