Student Affairs Standouts

Charlotte Katzin, RN, University Health Services nurse manager, was elected president of the American Travel Health Nurses Association.

Photo of Lynn Hoare

Lynn Hoare

Lynn Hoare, Counseling and Mental Health Center, was recently published in the international edition of Learning Through Theatre (Eds. Anthony Jackson and Chris Vine, published through Routledge). Her article, “Challenging Facilitation: Training Facilitators for Theatre for Dialogue Programs” examines the challenges in training novice facilitators to lead difficult dialogues with peers. Lynn was featured as one of the four American authors in this edition and uses her work with the Voices Against Violence Theatre for Dialogue program as a case study for her article.

Debbie Nichols, RN, University Health Services nurse manager, will serve on the Injury Prevention Committee of the Governor’s EMS and Trauma Advisory Council (GETAC).


“A Tip of the Hat to . . .”

…LT Robinson, Housing and Food Service, and the URHA Leadership Week team who received this note from one of this year’s freshman participants: “These past few days have been the absolute best transition into college I could have asked for. The leadership training and general life advice has been absolutely impeccable, inspiring and invigorating. I know these next four years are going to truly define the rest of my life in so many ways and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to start it all with as wonderful people as you.”

…a University Health Services nurse practitioner (NP) who received these kind words from a student for whom she served as a preceptor: “I learned so much and will always remember how well you treated your clients. In class, I shared an example of how well you do with your patients. All were in awe at your techniques and how you have mastered the NP role. You will continue to be an exemplary model for me, and I thank you so much for being with me my first semester of clinical rotations.”