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Gage Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs

Gage Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs

My first day at The University of Texas at Austin was Sept. 2, 1986 but my first full day on campus was actually in August of that year. The staff of the Office of the Dean of Students was spending the day in a retreat based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I learned a lot about myself and my new colleagues-to-be that day. It was a wonderful way to be introduced into that office’s community. Over the next several years, our staff participated in a number of staff development programs designed to help us understand ourselves and the people we worked with. Those opportunities were very important and helpful to me over the years.

In recent years I’ve found the True Colors® program to be the most useful for the most people. Last December during our Senior Administrative Staff retreat, I led a True Colors session. Afterwards, a number of directors asked for sessions with their departments. Because there has been enough interest in this program, the Associate Vice President group has decided that it is worth the commitment of time and resources needed to bring the True Colors® program to the entire Division of Student Affairs as the first step in implementing Goal 5 of our new Strategic Plan.

Develop new practices for asset and resource management.

“UT Austin is committed to ensuring that the university remains accessible to all students. Student Affairs plays an essential role by providing excellent and cost-effective programs and services, managing our facilities and developing staff to their fullest potential.”

This week a number of staff from across the Division will be participating in a workshop to be certified as True Colors® trainers. In the spring semester they will begin teaching True Colors® to everyone in the division. Look for information to come in the New Year about the times and locations and be sure to sign up as soon as possible. We will have various shift sessions and sessions in Spanish to accommodate the various staff work schedules. While these sessions will be cross-departmental, I’ve already been asked about the opportunities to have workshops within departments. That will be round two and we are certifying enough staff trainers to make that possible.

Whether you have done True Colors or another workshop on personality work styles before, these workshops will be an important step toward developing staff to their fullest potential as well as an opportunity to meet other Division staff, discover more about how best to work together, recognize and build upon our strengths and have fun doing so.

Looking forward to it,