Student Affairs Standouts

Dr. Gage Paine will speak this week at the 24th Annual Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values. The conference features some of the most respected scholars in the field of student affairs and higher education. Speakers share methods of how colleges and universities can actively encourage moral and civic commitment, ethical behavior and the process of character development.

Dr. Paine also wrote a book chapter entitled “Communication: the Most Overlooked Skill” for the recent NASPA publication “Executive Transitions in Student Affairs: A Guide to Getting Started as the Vice President. Each chapter author is a vice president who has successfully made this transition and continues to lead the field of Student Affairs on a national level. The vice presidents share strategies and advice on a wide variety of topics.

Kyle Clark of New Student Services speaking at Tejas Coffee

Kyle Clark

Phil Butler, Office of the Dean of Students, was a facilitator on servant leadership at Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity’s Regional Leadership Conference in Seattle, Wash.

Kyle Clark, New Student Services, was honored with an invitation to speak at “Tejas Coffee” on Jan. 16, where he discussed the importance of students finding mentors on campus.

Jaden Felix, Office of the Dean of Students, presented on “The Zombie Apocalypse: Preparing for the Unexpected” (a risk reduction presentation) at the All Greek Leadership Summit at Texas A&M University on Jan. 25. He will be presenting “Feedback: Thanks. Huh? WHAT!!” at Texas State University’s Leadership Institute on Feb. 22.

Ivana Grahovac

Ivana Grahovac

Ivana Grahovac, Center for Students in Recovery director, presented “Capacity Building for Collegiate Recovery: Essential Assets and Campus Examples” at the NASPA Alcohol and Other Drug, Violence Prevention Conference in San Diego, Calif. She also received the Ulysses “Mac” McLester “Spirit of Recovery” award presented by Communities for Recovery.

Sylvia Holmes, Office of the Dean of Students, was elected president of the University Student Legal Services Association – Western Region.

Dr. Smita Ruzicka, Office of the Dean of Students, was selected to be a LeaderShape co-lead facilitator.

Raymond Schiflett, Office of the Dean of Students, was elected vice president of the University Student Legal Services Association – Western Region.

Sam Siner, Housing and Food Service, was elected to the directorate of American College Personnel Association’s (ACPA) Commission for Spirituality, Faith, Religion and Meaning.

Darla Stewart, Housing and Food Service, successfully negotiated a logo deal and lower price with Eco Products, a compostable and disposable products vendor, in which they would custom print Housing and Food Service products including plates, bowls, soup cups, water cups, parfait cups and JCL coffee cups. The annualized saving amounts to $43,695.

Aaron Voyles, Housing and Food Service, will be the new chair for NASPA’s Men and Masculinity Knowledge Community.

Staff Service Awards

The University of Texas at Austin will honor several team members from the Division with Staff Service Awards at a May ceremony. The event celebrates and recognizes the contributions of committed staff responsible for transforming lives for the benefit of society. Their combined service totals 1,210 years of dedicated service. Congratulations to the following Division employees. Keep up the good work!

Name Department Years of Service
Judith A. Mitchell Counseling and Mental Health Center 15
Audry L. Steele Counseling and Mental Health Center 15
Ana M. Acosta Housing & Food Service 15
Orlando J. Alaniz Housing & Food Service 25
Maria I.  Alvardo Housing & Food Service 15
Dolores G. Armonta Housing & Food Service 25
Alberta L. Armstrong Housing & Food Service 25
Claudia M. Ashlock Housing & Food Service 25
Christina Bomar Housing & Food Service 20
Norma Bustos Housing & Food Service 10
Larry S. Connell Housing & Food Service 25
Cynthia L. Crawford Housing & Food Service 10
Rosalina Q. Davis Housing & Food Service 20
Irma Del-Rio Housing & Food Service 10
Paula Diaz Housing & Food Service 10
James R. Dorman Housing & Food Service 25
Jennifer J. Duiker- Walker Housing & Food Service 10
William R. Duval Jr. Housing & Food Service 15
Maria D. Estrada Housing & Food Service 10
Jose L. Garcia Housing & Food Service 35
Aklilu Gebrewold Housing & Food Service 20
Richard W. Hestand Housing & Food Service 20
Stanley D. Hysaw Housing & Food Service 35
Denise Johnson Housing & Food Service 10
Patricia A. Johnson Housing & Food Service 10
Shirley M. King Housing & Food Service 15
Paul M. Ledbetter Housing & Food Service 10
Robert W. Mayberry Housing & Food Service 10
Washington I. Mina Housing & Food Service 10
Dora G, Moreno Housing & Food Service 25
Pauline P. Morris Housing & Food Service 30
Emily F. Nelson Housing & Food Service 15
Elvira Perez Housing & Food Service 15
Kerrie L. Rapp Housing & Food Service 10
Callie M. Reed Housing & Food Service 20
Richard J. Rink Housing & Food Service 35
Tomasa C. Rios Housing & Food Service 15
Darla J. Roberson Housing & Food Service 10
Latonya M. Robinson Housing & Food Service 10
Ana G. Rodriguez Housing & Food Service 15
Ana L. Rodriguez Housing & Food Service 10
Nydia Rodriguez Housing & Food Service 10
Idelia Sauceda- Aguilar Housing & Food Service 15
Roberto O. Segura Housing & Food Service 30
Yolanda Siles Housing & Food Service 20
Sheril A. Smith Housing & Food Service 15
Arthur L. Sneed II Housing & Food Service 15
Mark A. Weiss Housing & Food Service 10
Robert G. Childress Recreational Sports 40
Nicole E. Olmeda Recreational Sports 15
Sylvia A. Ramirez Recreational Sports 15
Jennifer S. Speer Recreational Sports 15
Wanda K. Brune Office of the Dean of Students 15
Veronica N. Cantu Office of the Dean of Students 10
Maryrose Castillo Office of the Dean of Students 10
Timothy M. Sapp Office of the Dean of Students 10
Richard P. Garcia Office of the Vice-President for Student Affairs 35
Joyce Fleming University Health Services 10
Mary K. Jones University Health Services 10
Charlotte Katzin University Health Services 10
Lucy E. Lemeilleur University Health Services 15
Kathy Mosteller University Health Services 10
Antonio Ramirez Jr. University Health Services 15
Nancy Y. Robinson University Health Services 15
Elena V. Stephens University Health Services 10
James W. Tai University Health Services 30
Lisa G. Windel University Health Services 15
Elvira S. Gonzalez University Unions 15
Leslie P. Hay University Unions 10
Lucio Hernandez University Unions 15
Vincent A. Lightbourn University Unions 15
Hector M. Molina University Unions 25