Join the UT Retired Faculty Staff Association

Thinking about retirement?

Retired Faculty Staff Association RFSAWhen you do retire, you are invited to participate in the UT Austin Retired Faculty-Staff Association (RFSA). As a gift to you, your membership is FREE for the first year after you retire, including the luncheons, reception and parking.

RFSA’s purposes are to stay connected with colleagues and friends, enrich retirement experiences through many interest groups, provide feedback to UT from its retirees’ perspective and to provide scholarships to UT students. RFSA was founded in 1982 with roots going back another 40 years with other groups of retirees. RFSA is under the auspices of the Office of the UT President with day-to-day administration by The Ex-Students’ Association (Texas Exes).

RFSA has luncheons in the Fall and Spring on campus at the Texas Exes Etter-Harbin Alumni Center (with free parking) and the holiday reception at the UT Chancellor’s Bauer House (with free parking).

If you have questions about RFSA or happiness in retirement, contact the RFSA liaison Carol Barrett (512-471-8081) or any member of the Executive Committee