True Colors® Tips

Next Steps for True ColorsWhere have we been and where are we going with True Colors®? This month, I’d like to share our successes and what’s next.

Last spring, 756 staff members participated in the True Colors® Personal Success workshops facilitated by 18 True Colors®-certified instructors in the Division. An English/Spanish bilingual staff facilitator translated the materials and facilitated workshops with 85 staff in Spanish.

Our objective was to learn about our own and coworkers’ personality characteristics and work styles, to learn better ways to interact with people, and to have fun and bond with coworkers across the Division. In any given class, the staff job functions ranged from office work, to food service, to student services, to building trades, to medical professions.

After the workshops, 98% of the staff completed evaluations. The findings:

  • The “brightest” colors for staff were Gold 38%, Blue 24%, Green 23% and Orange 15%.
  • Facilitators were rated highly, 98% as “good” or excellent.”
  • Staff said they became more aware and gained knowledge of their and co-workers’ personalities and work styles.
  • Supervisors and staff requested more training.

We introduced a new monthly column in our June staff newsletter, True Colors® Tips, where a staff member shares how their departments have applied True Colors® training in day-to-day work. Check out the most recent columns at the Division’s True Colors® resource page.

What’s Next

For new staff members hired since April, we’ll facilitate another Personal Success Workshop. We will also offer two new workshops in this fall: a True Colors® Team Building workshop and a True Colors® Communication workshop. We are now developing a curriculum — look for more information soon.

You will also find more innovative ways to share True Colors® in future staff newsletters. We’ll also be asking for your feedback through a follow-up assessment to see how much of our training has been useful in our workplace

If you would like additional True Colors® resources, please visit the Division’s True Colors® resource page.


Edna Dominguez

Assistant Vice President, Strategic Initiatives