A Message From Gage Paine

“Storytelling is healing. As we reveal ourselves in story, we become aware of the continuing core of our lives under the fragmented surface of our experience. We become aware of the multifaceted, multichaptered ‘I’ who is the storyteller. We can trace out the paradoxical and even contradictory versions of ourselves that we create for different occasions, different audiences…. Most important, as we become aware of ourselves as storytellers, we realized that what we understand and imagine about ourselves is a story. And when we know all this, we can use our stories to heal and make ourselves whole.”

Susan Wittig Albert, Writing from Life

Gage Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs

Gage Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs

Our Division of Student Affairs has wonderful stories to tell and now is the time to tell them. Today we launch our 2013–2014 Impact Report. This publication is in lieu of an annual report, which in my experience is usually long on words and short on readability. An impact report is “not an activity report…. Impact is the difference you make.”

We all have different ways of learning and understanding information, so our Impact Report tells stories in many different ways. We share actual stories about the work of our staff and the success of students. We tell stories through pictures taken by staff members throughout the year showing how we work together and engage with our students. And we tell stories through numbers, facts and data that show how many people we reach in a year and the many ways we make a difference here at this university.

It is the nature of such reports that space and time are limited. Not every person is pictured, not every program is featured and not every fact is detailed. But we have worked to align these few pages with our Strategic Plan and use our goals as the “chapters” of our story. We have tried to capture the spirit of what we do in a way that allows us to celebrate, helps others understand the depth and breadth of our work, and, we hope, encourages them to join in our work. We end our Impact Report with stories of alumni, students and friends of our Division who have already joined our work and support it with their gifts.

My thanks to everyone who contributed to this endeavor. It is a wonderful storybook! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard this past year to make sure we had such a great story to tell. The work on next year’s Impact Report is already happening as you continue your efforts to live our mission and reach our vision. I love telling our story because we have such a great story to tell.

Please keep up the good work and share our Impact Report, our story, with anyone and everyone. It’s because of people like you that “what starts here, changes the world!”

Thanks for what you do,