True Colors® Tips

Adrienne MacKenzie, Frances Nguyen & Edna Dominguez facilitating new True Colors® Communication workshop

Adrienne MacKenzie, Frances Nguyen & Edna Dominguez facilitating new True Colors® Communication workshop

As many staff members requested more True Colors® programming, we are excited to announce we will be offering True Colors® Communication and Team Building workshops next spring. Communication and team building skills are critical components for success in any work environment. True Colors® can be used to enhance these workplace attributes, setting both individuals and organizations up for success. The workshops will be open to all benefits-eligible Division staff as non-mandatory professional development opportunities.

In True Colors® Communication, participants will learn to understand the distinctive ways different personalities approach communication as a key to success. The workshop activities will promote understanding and appreciating different communication styles.

In True Colors® Team Building, staff will learn how to bring out the best in each other. They will discover how each individual’s primary color – and a representation of all colors – is important to the team’s success. Team members will also learn how to amplify their paler colors for the benefit of achieving team goals.

I would like to thank the following staff members for devoting time to obtain their certification last summer to teach these two True Colors® workshops: Adrienne Mackenzie, Alex Kappus, Brooke Bulow, Elaine Cosme-Peterson, Frances Nguyen, Jennifer Zamora, Katy Redd, LT Robinson, Nicole Olmeda and Smita Ruzicka.

On Nov. 19, Adrienne, Frances and I facilitated the pilot session of the True Colors® Communication workshop for 26 staff members. Smita and Alex will facilitate a pilot session for the True Colors® Team Building workshop on Dec. 3. We are collecting feedback to make the program an enjoyable learning experience for all.

Thanks again for your support of these programs. We will share more details about how to sign up for these new workshops in future editions of this newsletter.

Edna Domínguez
Assistant Vice President, Strategic Initiatives