True Colors® Tips


True Colors Facilitators from left to right – front row: Edna Dominguez, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs; Elisa Ramos, DoS; KJ Harris; Elaine Cosme-Petersen, DHFS; Esmer Bedia, NSS; back row: Alex Kappus, NSS, Jennifer Zamora, University Unions; Jaden Felix, DoS; Adrienne MacKenzie, Texas Parents; Marian Trattner, CMHC; Dylan Smith, University Unions; Brooke Bulow, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs; Not pictured: Nicole Olmeda, RecSports; Katy Redd, CHMC; LT Robinson, DHFS

The Division’s True Colors® initiative continues with more opportunities for staff to recognize and encourage our own potential, see potential in others, identify differences in communication and build respect for all the talents that each of us brings.

In the last academic year, 12 True Colors® facilitators led five Introductory Workshops in English and one in Spanish for a total of 133 new staff members. The brightened color spectrum remained steady with Gold most frequently represented, a stronger showing of Blue, slightly fewer Green and the same small representation of Orange. In evaluations, staff requested more opportunity to interact with participants using the color spectrum and associated characteristics. This led to the addition of the True Colors® Communication Workshop to the curriculum.

Seven facilitators led four True Colors® Communication Workshop sessions for 101 participants. In these sessions staff has the opportunity to focus on the role extroversion/introversion and listening play in our communication styles as wells as how we may prefer to be communicated with as we receive and give feedback. Here’s an example of preferred communication approaches by brightened color:

Blue: Personal and Interactive

Gold: Purposeful and Procedural

Green: Objective and Strategic

Orange: Active and Straightforward

In addition to the mandatory introductory workshop and the elective communication workshops, the Division will offer True Colors® Team Building to groups this fall. We piloted several sessions last semester and will make it available by supervisor request going forward. These groups will be limited to 20 person teams and explore how we contribute our talents and abilities to strengthen relationships and work collaboratively on a day-to-day basis.

Our 2015-2016 Facilitators look forward to meeting and working with all Division staff this year.

Edna Dominguez
Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs