True Colors® Tips

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Shannon Hanby (University Health Services), Marian Trattner and Erin Burrows (Counseling and Mental Health Center)

As someone who supervises two Graduate Student Assistants, I have found utilizing True Colors® in the workplace to be extremely helpful in better understanding and communicating with my staff. I serve as the coordinator for the Be That One Suicide Prevention Program, a program within the Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC).

In this program, we talk about and discuss tough issues every day — understanding different personalities is very important. We can’t do excellent work if we’re not clearly communicating.

True Colors® goes beyond my role at CMHC. It has given me a tool for building a solid foundation for open communication with my team and fellow colleagues in the Division of Student Affairs. It has helped me build upon and continually improve relationships with my staff because they’re able to express their needs from me as their supervisor.

I introduce True Colors® to my team at the beginning of the long semester so that we can have an entire year to utilize this information. This kind of information needs to be used on an on-going basis since we are all educators in the Division of Student Affairs. True Colors® has also helped my Graduate Student Assistants reflect upon how to better use their voice, advocating for themselves not only in the current workplace but in future ones, too.

Marian Trattner
Suicide Prevention Coordinator
Counseling and Mental Health Center