True Colors® Tips

True Colors

Jaden Felix, Stacie Cooks, Suzy Day and Hunter Hartwig (Office of the Dean of Students)

True Colors® is an incredible tool for teams. It highlights the unique contributions that each staff member brings to a team setting. In Sorority and Fraternity Life, a program in the Office of the Dean of Students, on-boarding new staff is an opportunity to engage in conversations about strengths, communication and values. A new component to our on-boarding process is to discuss feedback.

While most people think feedback is a negative experience, there are opportunities to provide positive feedback. This helps create trust, build relationships, influence behavior, improve performance and keep teams on track. Recognizing the True Colors® spectrum can help these conversations take place.

Here are a few examples of possible positive feedback within each color:

Gold: “Thank you for keeping us on task during the last meeting. That item can be discussed during our next meeting, especially since we would all have had more time to think about it.”

Blue: “I appreciated your willingness to go out of your way to assist that student earlier. You were attentive to their needs, made sure you understood the problem and offered them great direction. I noticed it and wanted to let you know.”

Green: “I meant to tell you earlier that I thought those questions you posed were needed. They got us thinking of it in a new and different direction. Thanks for helping us get there.”

Orange: “Thanks for stepping up to assist with that new program. I could tell it was both exciting and interesting to you. You have knack for getting things off the ground and I am looking forward to seeing where you take it.”

True Colors® is a tool that can be used to understand ourselves, each other and celebrate difference. It can also be used to highlight contributions and frame feedback. These conversations help influence positive behavior, growth and success.

Jaden Felix
Coordinator of Sorority and Fraternity Life and Terry Scholars Program Advisor
Office of the Dean of Students