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Rene Rodriguez, Randall Porter, Rick Early, Melanie Grice, Michael Edwards, Hemlata Jhaveri, Mylon Kirksy and Gloria Allen (Housing and Food Service) participated in the workshop.

True Colors® Teambuilding workshops combine tools learned in the Personal Success and Communication workshops to help working groups enhance their goals to build successful teams. The Housing and Food Service leadership team benefited from this workshop because it helped them customize their goals. By participating in True Colors® activities, they learned more about each other and enhanced their success as a group. Here’s what some of the staff had to say about their experience:

“The True Colors® Communication and Teambuilding Workshop provided an excellent opportunity to learn more about my colleagues and how our color orientations inform how we (1) think about and approach our work, and (2) perceive each other’s orientation and approach to work. The workshop definitely strengthened our identity as a team and improved our ability to work well together.” Mylon Kirksy, director of residence life

Workshop goals include discussing individual color spectrums and reviewing how these attributes are expressed in the workplace. True Colors® promotes teamwork by understanding stages of team development; discovering staff roles and how it contribute to team dynamics; and identifying ways to work effectively with team members. As with all True Colors® workshops, participants learn through fun, hands-on activities that allow time for introspective learning and group sharing.

“I revamped my communications approach! I thought I knew how to communicate with our senior staff, but it wasn’t until I participated in a True Colors® Teambuilding Workshop that I realized I needed to change my communications approach and base it in on an individual’s need, as opposed to a generic approach. It worked!” Michael Edwards, director of Business Services 

Division of Student Affairs staff encourage departments to take the True Colors® experience to the next level of success by hosting this workshop. Contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs to set up a teambuilding workshop for your team. Visit Student Affairs Staff Resources for more True Colors® Resources.

Edna Dominguez
Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs