True Colors® Tips


A True Colors® participant reviews personality characteristics.

Every year we deliver True Colors® training to our new staff in English and in Spanish. We use the True Colors® model as a common language to express how we understand and respect our distinctive personality attributes, what brings us joy and satisfaction and what may challenge us. We learn to appreciate each other and communicate more effectively in the workplace. Many staff tell us that they also apply the knowledge gained in their homes or life outside of work as well.

True Colors® can help us embody our Division of Student Affairs mission to “support students throughout their university experience by providing the best and most innovative programs, facilities and services.”

Here are reflections from two facilitators on how True Colors® has impacted their daily work with students.

“For sorority and fraternity members that complete True Colors® training, they are able to highlight and discuss leadership practices in the context of sorority and fraternity involvement. They are able to note relationships, actions and behaviors reflected in their color spectrum and compare it to others. By understanding themselves and others, they can now create interactions that aid in an engaged and motivated membership.”

Jaden Felix, Office of the Dean of Students

“Being able to facilitate True Colors® for the students of Campus Events + Entertainment has been a tremendous asset for all involved. Not only do the students gain better insight into themselves and others, but as advisors we are able to help them create more dynamic teams, formulate better approaches to working together, and benefit from a common leadership language.”

Jennifer Zamora, University Unions

We are excited to have a larger group of staff than in the past take the Keys to Personal Success workshop. We also invite graduate assistants to attend at their supervisor’s discretion.

Edna Dominguez
Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs