Desiree Alva, Celena Mondie-Milner, Shannon Price and Kyle St. Nicholas, New Student Services, staff presented at the Academic Counselors Association (ACA) meeting on April 5. They spoke about orientation, major changes for this year, schedules, course registration messaging and staff roles.

Texas Edge

Teryl McFerrin (Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs), Doug Garrard (Office of the Dean of Students), Larry Harlan, Chris Brownson (Counseling and Mental Health Center), Soncia Reagins-Lilly and Maureen Brown (Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs) at The Texas Edge

Chris Brownson, Counseling and Mental Health Center, participated in a panel about mental health resources at The Texas Edge in Dallas on April 26. This event brings UT Austin thought leaders to alumni and friends across the nation and around the world.

Brooke Bulow and Jess Cybulski, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, presented strategic communications best practices to the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Student Government members on April 12.

Sierra Castedo, The Center for Students in Recovery, presented at the Second Annual Fort Bend Drug Symposium, organized by the Fort Bend Community Prevention Coalition (FBCPC) on April 20 in Missouri City, Texas.

Laura Dannenmaier, Counseling and Mental Health Center, was selected to attend the 2017 NASPA – Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education Region III/Southern Association for College Student Affairs (SACSA) Mid-Manager’s Institute in June. This unique professional development opportunity helps mid-managers enhance skills to better serve people and programs.

Lisa Diaz, University Unions, was selected as an education innovator by SXSWedu in a social media contest. She won entrance to the conference, attending to learn how to develop the University Unions student-employee program.

Hemlata Jhaveri, Housing and Food Service, participated in The Association of College and University Housing Officers – International Women in Housing Network’s webinar, “The State of Women in Higher Education,” on March 30.

Wiliam Mupo Healthy Student Organization

William Mupo shares information about the Healthy Student Organization Program at Austin City Hall.

William Mupo, University Health Service, supported the Healthy Student Organization Program at Austin City Hall on April 20. The Austin City Council recognized the UT Austin students for their commitment to health and wellness for the second year. 

Dian Peavey, University Health Services, presented “Improving Access to STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) Screening and STI Risk Reduction Counseling: An RN-run STI Screening Clinic at The University of Texas at Austin” at Southern College Health Association Conference in Orlando, FL.

Sunny Sandhu, University Health Services, presented “Reuse Reduce Recycle: Managing Your Carbon Footprint,” highlighting ways to reduce the volume of waste produced in medical clinics, at the Southern College Health Association Conference.

Shauna Sobers, Housing and Food Service, was awarded Staff Member of the Month from the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) for her contributions to the collegiate residence hall experience.

Audrey Sorrells, Office of the Dean of Students, moderated a panel called “Women’s Conference: A Conversation on Paid Family Leave” hosted by the Texas Society for Policy & Enterprise on April 5. The panel included former Texas Senator Wendy Davis and UT Austin faculty.

Dr. David Vander Straten, University Health Services, was awarded the Gallagher Koster Innovative Practices in College Health Funding Opportunity from the American College Health Foundation. Joey Hannah, Counseling and Mental Health Center, assisted with the proposal.

“A Tip of the Hat to…”

Marcus Mayes, Office of the Dean of Students, who received this note from Camp Kesem:

“Your dedication to your job and to the students of this university is so inspiring and encouraging.”

Tom Dison, Recreational Sports, who received this note from DeDe Watkins:

Last night’s Centennial Celebration went above and beyond being a fabulous Party! …It truly was a ‘user friendly’ party starting from the time when people were in line to receive their name tags. It was a brilliant idea that each ‘greeter’ had a notebook with all of the names. Usually people have to go to an alphabetical spot to sign in. Your plan certainly got the party to start off without a hitch. Everyone we talked to commented about how delicious the food was. I looked at every food station and was greeted by smiling people offering to serve me some of their wonderful dishes. Also, the Centennial cake was a work of art! Ya’ll thought of everything…you even gave everybody a present when they left. The gift bags were terrific!”

The President’s Staff Awards 

Outstanding Supervisor Award

Hemlata Jhaveri

Gloria Allen, Melanie Grice, Mylon Kirksy, Hemlata Jhaveri, Randy Porter, Rene Rodriguez and Rick Early at the awards ceremony

Hemlata Jhaveri, Housing and Food Service, received the 2017 President’s Outstanding Supervisor Award at the 56th Annual President’s Staff Awards on April 20. This award recognizes Jhaveri’s commitment to excellence and invaluable contributions to UT Austin. The president honored only two supervisors for this award. Read more about this high honor.

Staff Service Awards

President Gregory L. Fenves also honored 64 Division staff members for their years of service during the 56th Annual President’s Staff Awards. This group has a combined 1,070 years of service to The University of Texas at Austin. Congratulate your Division colleagues listed below. Take a look at the photos.

Counseling and Mental Health Center

Mitzi Henry, 30 years
Carolyn Tucker, 15 years

Housing and Food Service

DHFS President's Staff Awards

Paul Breckles, Randy Porter, Sergio Flores, Rick Early, Edwin Vasquez, Ayemro Yeheyes and Sharon Cannon at the President’s Staff Awards

Mary Barron, 20 years
Nesanet Belay, 20 years
Paul Breckles, 30 years
Gwendolyn Brown, 10 years
Sharon Cannon, 20 years
Enrique Castellanos, 10 years
Pedro Del Rio, 15 years
Richard Dixon, 10 years
Sarah Downing, 25 years
Gustavo Femat, 10 years
Sherry Flint, 10 years
Sergio Flores, 40 years
Hilaria Galicia, 10 years
Susie Garza, 30 years
Maria Lourdes Hernandez, 20 years
Courtney Howard, 10 years
Dioselina Jaimes, 10 years
Irma Juarez, 10 years
Denise Locue, 10 years
Jorge Maldonado, 10 years
Flor Patino, 10 years
Charlene Peeler, 10 years
Laurin Pelchat, 10 years
Juan Reynoso, 10 years
Jesus Reza, 15 years
Maria Salas, 15 years
Ramiro Sanchez, 15 years
Anabel Sanchez Rodriguez, 10 years
Rachel Santos, 25 years
Michael Sawyer, 15 years
Juanita St. John, 30 years
Darla Stewart, 10 years
Christopher Triche, 10 years
Edwin Vazquez, 15 years
Maria Velazquez, 10 years
Ayemro Yeheyes, 15 years
Denise Zuniga, 10 years

Office of the Dean of Students

Becky Carreon, 30 years
Peter Flynn, 20 years
Steven Preiss, 20 years
Cheryl Pyle, 45 years

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Jan Austin-Scott, 10 years
Maureen Brown, 10 years

Recreational Sports

Randall Ford, 25 years
Adrienne Mackenzie, 10 years
Clifton Murphy, 15 years
Eric Stoutner, 35 years

University Health Services

Tracy Brzozowski, 10 years
Tara Cutler, 10 years
George Grugett, 15 years
Karen Lee, 35 years
Nina Trejo, 10 years
Susan Vandervoot, 10 years
Brandy Whitten, 15 years

University Unions

Claudette Campbell, 20 years
Jose Cazares, 15 years
Don Duty, 20 years
Christopher Lueck, 20 years
Mary Prieto, 15 years
Selim Sakaoglu, 10 years
Behzad Salsabilian, 25 years
Brittany Woods, 10 years